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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 17 Across The Wall


Find Out
1.Is there any place to play near your house?
Ans. Yes, there is a park near my house which is used by children for playing.

2.What do people play there? Who plays there?
Ans. People play all sorts of games there; like cricket, badminton, football, kabaddi, kho-kho, etc. Mostly, children play there.

3.Do the children of your age also get a chance to play there?
Ans. Yes, children of my age also get a chance to play there.

4.What other things happen at this place?
Ans. Many other things happen at this place. Some people come here for jogging, while some others do yoga. Many people just enjoy gossiping in this park.

1.Has anyone ever stopped you from playing some games? Which games?
Ans. Yes, I was stopped from playing cricket.

2.Who stopped you and why? What did you do then?
Ans. Sometimes some elders stop us from playing cricket. They always fear that the ball may hit them.

3.Did anyone help you and encourage you to play?
Ans. Yes, my father has always encouraged me for playing.

1.Do girls and boys play different types of games in your school or neighbourhood? If yes, then which games do the boys play and which do the girls play?
Ans. Both girls and boys play almost all games but some games are preferred by boys and some others are preferred by girls. For example; boys prefer to play cricket, hockey and football; while girls prefer to play badminton, basketball and table tennis.

2.Do you think that there is any difference between the games and the way they are played by boys and girls?
Ans. Yes, there are some differences between the games played by boys and girls. Boys prefer those games which required more physical activity and are tougher. On the other hand, girls play those games which need less physical activity.

3.While playing in a team would you like to play for yourself or for the team? Why?
Ans. While playing in a team game I would like to play for the team and not for myself. This is because the team needs to win. Team’s performance is more important than personal performance.

4.Is your team like the team Afsana played with at Sholapur or like the Nagpada team? How?
Ans. Our team is like the Nagpada team. Members of the Nagpada team respect and encourage each other. They don’t insult any member on his/her weakness. There is great understanding and cooperation among the team members. Like s the Nagpada team, we want our team to excel in all conditions and be successful.

1.Have you ever taken part in some game or competition from your school or area? How did you feel?
Ans. Yes, I had taken part in a game from my school. I felt a sense of responsibility because I was representing my school.

2.Did you go to some other place to play? What was that place like? How did you like going to that place?
Ans. Yes, once I had been to Lucknow to play. It is a nice place with old world charm. I especially enjoyed the bhul bhulaiya at Lucknow.

3.Have you seen matches being played between India and other countries? Which ones?
Ans. Yes, I have seen cricket matches played between India and other countries.

4.We all know about the cricketers of India, and we all like them. Do people also know and like the Indian players who play some other games? (Yes or no). What do you feel about it? Do you know the players of the Indian football or kabaddi team?
Ans. Yes, we know some other players also who playgames other than cricket. I think they are not as pdpular as cricketers. I know about some players of the Indian football team but I don’t know about the players of the kabaddi team.

1.What would happen if girls are not allowed to play games, to study or do some other work of their choice?
Ans. If girls are not allowed to play games, to study or to do some work of their choice, it will not be good for girls. The girls will not be able to realise their potential as their talent will be suppressed. It will also hamper their mental and physical growth.

2.How would you feel if you were not allowed to take part in some game or drama?
Ans. I will feel bad and discouraged if I were not allowed to take part in some game or drama.

3.Have you heard of any women players? Name them and the games they play.
Ans. Yes, I have heard about many women players. Some of them are as follows:
1. Saina Nehwal: Badminton
2. Sania Mirza: Tennis
3. P T Usha: Athletics
4. Kamam Malleshwari: Weightlifting
5. Jwala Gutta: Badminton.

4.In which areas other than sports have heard of women getting recognition?
Ans. Women are getting recognition in many areas, apart from sports. Some examples are as follows:
1. KLran Bedi: Police Officer
2. Kalpana Chawla: Astronaut
3. Indira Gandhi: First woman Prime Minister of India
4. Pratibha Patil: First woman President of India
5. Bacehendri Pal: First Indian woman to climb the Mount Everest.

5.Are these women less known than men? Why?
Ans. These women Eire equally popular and recognised in our country. I think people have begun to realise that both men and women are equal and can excel in their chosen field.

6.How would you find the world to be, if girls never got a chance to take part iri games, drama or dance? How would you feel if such a thing happened to boys?
Ans. If girls never got a chance to take part in games, drama or dance, it would make for an uneven world where only men will get all the facilities and attention. Similarly, if such a thing happened to boys.

7.Do you know of any women of girl who you would want to be like when you grow up? (Think of names other than a film actress or model).
Ans. Yes, I want to be like Kalpana Chawla when I grow up.

Think and Write
1.The newspaper report said, “Afsana has jumped over the wall. The gender wall that her mother had put up for her”. Think and write in your own words what was this wall? What do you understand by ‘gender bias’?
Ans. Gender bias means differential treatment for boys and girls. In many families, in India, girls are not allowed to study, to play and to opt a career of their choice. – Afsana has also suffered some degree of gender bias. Her mother wants her to do household chores only. By managing to go to play is an act of bravery by Afsana. She is trying to cross the symbolic wall of gender bias. The wall has been put by her mother.

What We Have Learnt
1.Should the games for boys and girls be different? Think and write what you feel.
Ans. I think there should be no difference in the games for boys and girls. Physical activity is equally important for both girls and boys. Playing different kinds of games helps in proper physical and mental development of a child. Both girls and boys need proper physical and mental development. Hence, they should play similar types of games.

2.If you are made the leader of a team, how will you prepare your team?
Ans. If I were made the leader of a team, I would prepare my team like the Nagpada team. For this, we will focus on following things:
(а) Team members will be encouraged to play with hardwork and honesty.
(b) They should understand and respect each other and maintain unity.
(c) They should support each other.
(d) They should never insult team members even if someone does a mistake.
(e) They should understand the value of cooperation and team spirit.
(f) They should exercise and practice on a regular basis.

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