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CBSE Class 6 English Message Writing

1. Read the following telephonic conversation between Rahul and Sonu. Sonu is about to leave for school and will not be able to meet her brother Mohit. She leaves a message for him. Write the message in about 50 words.

Rahul: Hello! Can I speak to Mohit, please?
Sonu: He is not at home. I’m his sister. Would you like to leave a message for him?
Rahul: I’m his friend Rahul. Kindly tell him that tomorrow we are going to Pragati Maidan tomorrow, where a book-fair is going to be held. Tell him to call me in the evening, in case he is interested.

16th September 2017
4. 00 pm
Dear Mohit,
Rahul called up to inform that tomorrow morning they are going to a book-fair, being organised at Pragati-Maidan. If you are interested then call him in the evening.

2. Read the following telephone conversation between Nitin Gupta and a caller from a hospital. The caller wants to talk to Brij Mohan but he is; at present, not in the office. He will be back only at 4 pm and Nitin will leave office before that. Thinking yourself as Nitin and using the telephone conversation as the subject, write a message for Brij Mohan in not more than 50 words.
Caller: Is it 5942361 ?
Nitin: Yes.
Caller: May I speak to Brij Mohan ? I have to talk to him urgently.
Nitin: He is not here at present. He has gone out and will come at 4 pm.
Caller: In that case, will you kindly leave a message for him ? It is really urgent.
Nitin: Yes, of course. But I am also going out on an important work. However, you needn’t worry. I shall leave this message on his table. What’s it ?
Caller: All right. Kindly tell him that his mother has met with an accident and she is, at present, in the civil hospital. She has broken her thumb which is in plaster. She, otherwise, is all right. Please tell Brij Mohan to reach the civil hospital along with his wife.
Nitin: Oh ! I am sorry to hear it. Please don’t worry. I shall leave the message for him.
Caller: Thank you very much.
Brij Mohan
There was a telephone call for you in your absence. I am sorry to inform that your mother is in Civil Hospital with a broken thumb but in plaster. Don’t worry. She is feeling all right. Reach the hospital with your wife.

3. Read the following telephone conversation between Neerqja and Sonum. Sonum is about to leave home and will not be able to meet Rohit. She leaves a message for him. Write that message, using not more than 50 words.
Neeraja: Hello ! Is that Sonum ?
Sonum: Speaking.
Neeraja: It is Neeraja here. Sonum, you know India International Trade Fair 20xx is on. I plan to visit it today.
Sonum: Oh ! it is a wonderful idea. But why not make it tomorrow ?
Neeraja: No. Tomorrow I am busy. Let’s make it today. Surinder is coming with me. You bring Rohit with you.
Sonum: He is not at home at present. But rest assured, he will be happy to be with us. He expressed a desire to visit it earlier.
Neeraja: Then it is settled. Please wait for us at Gate No. 3 at 1.30 pm today. In case, you reach earlier, please wait for us. If we reach earlier, we shall look for you.
Sonum: Fine. It shall be all right. We shall reach in time.
Neeraja: All right. Bye till then.
Sonum: Bye.
We are visiting India International Trade Fair 2007 today.
Neeraja and Surinder shall wait for us at 1.30 pm today at Gate No. 3.1 shall be back from office at 12 noon to go there together. Please wait till then. I shall tell you everything.

4. Write a message to be left at the desk of Anu about a telephone received for her when she was away. Write the message in about 30—35 words.
Karan: Hello. Is it 3319167 ? Could I talk to Anu, Annu Malik who works in purchase section.
Receptionist: That’s right. But I’m afraid Anu, Miss Annu Malik has not yet arrived.
Karan: Could you convey to her that her mother is quite serious in Chandigarh and she should leave for Chandigarh immediately. She is very critical, in the state of coma.
Receptionist: So sad. Anything else that I must convey.
Karan: Yes, that she should cany sufficient clothes. You never know about a patient in coma. I’m sure you will do this favour. Could you trace her ?
Receptionist: Yes. I’ll. I can understand the urgency. I pray for her recovery. Bye. By the way whom was I talking to ?
Karan: Karan, Karan Bhatia, her next door neighbour in Chandigarh.
When you were away a telephone from Karan Bhatia, your neighbour in Chandigarh, came to me at the reception. I regret your mother is in coma. Reach Chandigarh at once, with sufficient clothes.

5. Read the following telephone conversation that took place when Rama answered the phone at Future Knowledge Encyclopaedias and Reference books. Write the message that Rama leaves for Mr. Debu using not more than 50 words.
Mr. Murli: Hello, This is Mr. Murli from Madras. May I speak to Mr. Debu please ?
Rama: Mr. Debu is not in at the moment: May I take a message for him ?
Mr. Murli: : Please convey my thanks to him. I have just received the encyclopaedia I ordered. The last payment would reach him tomorrow. I would also like some information on the latest reference books in Geography.
Rama: I’ll make sure he gets that message, Mr. Murli.
Mr. Murli: : Thank you.
Mr. Debu
Mr. Murli telephoned to you from Madras. He wanted to thank you as he has received the encyclopaedia ordered by him and assured that the last payment would reach you by to¬morrow. He would also like to get some information on the latest reference books in Geography.

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