CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input

1. An Indian Fair

Outlines : Fair — types — colourful dresses, fun and amusement — games — eatables —joy and gaiety — noise — children, adults happy.

India is a land of fairs. Fairs are very common in India. In almost all parts of the country fairs are held. Some of them are religious, some are commercial and some are social. People in India like fairs. They put on colourful dresses. They have a lot of fun and amusement. They play various games. There are various kinds of eatables. The occasion is marked by joy and gaiety. There is much noise. Children, men and women all look happy. A big trade fair was held in November last year. Every year The Trade Fair Authority of India arranges it.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 1

2. Reduction Sale

Outlines : Reduction sale — big store — crowd — salesmen busy — TV, refrigerators, microwave ovens in great demand — available on instalments — good bargain — happy.

A fortnight before Diwali, a leading store of electronic goods announced a reduction sale on all its leading brands. This L.G. House is our city’s famous electronic goods’ shop. Moreover, Diwali is an occasion when every one wants to buy something. So there was a huge rush on the shop. The salesmen were busy throughout the day. Refrigerators and LCD’s were specially sought for. The customers thought that they were killing two birds with one stone. While they were enjoying the festivity by buying a new household item, they were also making a good bargain. They brought home the articles of their choice and were very happy. Most of them bought on easy instalments.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 2

3. An Incident of Chain Snatching

Outlines : theft — a lady standing in queue—bus stop — a scooterist — a man in the queue snatches chain — scooterist drives him away.

Snatch theft is a criminal act. It is typical for two thieves to work together and ride on a moped to make theft and escape. One day a lady was standing in a queue at a bus stand. As she was waiting for the bus a scooterist came there, driving slowly. A young man who was standing behind the lady snatched her gold chain in no time. He ran and sat on the pillion of the scooter. The scooterist drove away the vehicle at a very high speed. The people ran after them but in vain.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 3

4. Disadvantages of Living In A Big City

Outlines : Many disadvantages—tension and hurry—expensive life—crowded streets—frightening traffic—no fresh air—unnatural life.

There are many disadvantages of living in a big city. Life in it is always full of tension. Everybody seems in a hurry and suffering from worry. Things are always not within reach. But they are available in black market. Facilities are limited. There is always a crowd. Buses and trains do not come in time. They are always very crowded too. Then one can’t cross the roads easily. There are big and tall buildings,and big colonies. Natural scenes are absent in big cities. Fresh air is not easily available. Everything is artificial.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 4

5. If I Were The Principal of My School

Outlines: Held in fear—love of education—enforce discipline—I will be different— dear to students—give them chance to show talent—be friend, philosopher and guide.

Students are always afraid of their Principals. The Principals want their students to progress in life. If they do not do their work, they beat them. Then the Principals enforce discipline among their students. But if I were the Principal, I would endear myself to them. I would remove the causes of fear from their minds. I would see that they are not afraid of me. I would see that their hidden talents are out. I would solve all their problems regarding their studies. I would be their friend, philosopher and guide.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 5

6. My Grandmother

Outlines: Old—yet active—wakes up early—tea—cleans her room—bath—temple prayer—shopping—takes me to bus—helps in studies—loves birds and animals.

Like all grandmothers my grandmother is also old. She has wrinkles all over her body. She is seventy years old. Despite it she is very active. She rises early in the morning. She takes a bath and prays. Then she starts working. She cleans the house. She helps my mother in the kitchen. She even goes to the nearby shops to buy things. She takes me to the bus stand. When I come from school, she takes me back home. She also helps me in my studies. She feeds the sparrows during the afternoon. I love her very much.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 6

7. An Ideal Teacher

Outlines : Rare—loves learning—sacrificing—missionary—unselfish love—high thinking—simple living—an ideal for his students.

The ideal persons are rare in life. It is more so in the field of education. An ideal teacher is one who loves to learn and to teach. His mission in life is teaching. He sacrifices his every thing for the cause of education. He is always giving everything to his students. He has no interest in money or power. His only aim in life is to teach his students to be good persons. An ideal teacher is above worldly pleasures. He is like a saint who serves the people selflessly.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 7

8. Environmental Pollution

Outlines : Pollution—a global problem—dangerous to life—three main types of pollution—their cause and prevention—conclusion.

Environmental Pollution is now a global problem. It is a great danger to human life. There is air, water and sound pollution. Air pollution is caused by vehicles’ and factories’ smoke. It contains carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These cause diseases like asthma. Factories release poisonous water into rivers. This pollutes the water. It is not fit for drinking. It causes various water-borne diseases. The sound pollution is caused by music shops, pressure horns and loudspeakers. People become deaf. Their blood pressure rises. It causes heart failure. So environmental pollution is dangerous.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 8

9. Need for Moral Education in Schools

Outlines: Moral education—the need of the hour—society lacking in morals—the need to increase brotherhood—no quarrelling—tolerance and love—our age-old culture.

We find that our moral standards are very low. This may be due to many factors. Morals are very important for the society. So there is a great need of moral education in schools. There are no fellow-feelings among the people. They are always ready to fight. They have anger, ill-will, and jealousy. They have become selfish. They do not think of others. Humanity is vanishing. So to bring back the glory of our age-old culture, moral education is necessary.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 9

10. Why I Love My Country

Outlines : Country—above all other things—essential for survival—mortal man-— immortal country—sacred and supreme—ready to make sacrifice for the country.

My country is the dearest of all things to me. It is above parents, members of the family and all other things. Because of it, we exist. It gives me an identity. It is both my motherland and fatherland. I owe everything to it. I am made from its dust. Man is mortal but the country is immortal. People come and go. But the country and its identity is permanent. It is something sacred and supreme for me. I love my country the most. I wouldn’t hesitate to make any sacrifice for my country.
CBSE Class 7 English Paragraph Writing Based on Verbal Input 10

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