CBSE Class 7 English Speech Writing

I. Based on Verbal Input

A speech is different from an article just as conversation is different from a letter. A speech needs short and crisp sentences. The coherence of thought is of the utmost importance. The language must be simple le. easy to understand. Clarity is the hallmark of a good speech. The following examples are likely to help the student in the writing of a speech.

Question 1.
You have to make a speech in your class about the precautions and measures to be taken against malaria. Write the speech in not more than 100 words. You may take help of the ideas given below :

Prevention is better than cure—cleanliness—in and outside the house—no water logging—mosquito—DDT spray—full sleeves—full pants—covers

Protection from Malaria
My dear Friends
Malaria is a disease which troubles us every year. A victim of malaria suffers a lot in terms of health as well as money. Prevention is better than cure. So, please allow me to tell you certain ways of keeping malaria away. The first important condition is to keep complete cleanliness in and outside the house. The most important thing is that there should be no water logging. Standing water is the place which mosquitoes love. Then, DDT should be sprayed in the whole house. While going to bed and even otherwise, we should cover as much of our body as possible. This will help in keeping mosquitoes away. With these precautions, I am sure we can keep malaria away.
Thank you.
CBSE Class 7 English Speech Writing Based on Verbal Input Q1

Question 2.
Prepare a speech for the morning assembly on the topic, ‘Good Manners’ with the help of the given outlines.

Importance of good manners—cost nothing—at home—at school—in social life.

Good Manners
Respected Principal, Learned Teachers and my Friends,
Good manners are the sweetness of life. They make misfortunes less bitter and life worth living. “Nothing clears up my spirits, like a fine day”, said Keats and good manners descend upon most of us like a fine day.

These good manners cost nothing and they are useful for us at every place in life. At home, the good manners can make a child the darling of the whole family. All that he needs to do is to be respectful to his elders and affectionate to those who are younger to him. At school, the teachers are happy when you say ‘good morning’ to them and stand up when they enter the class. However, their highest importance is in social life. We must learn to use the phrases — ‘please’ and ‘thank you’- for every little bit of favour we receive from them.
CBSE Class 7 English Speech Writing Based on Verbal Input Q2

Question 3.
Prepare a speech in about 100 words, encouraging your schoolmates to follow certain rules when they go for excursions so as to keep our picnic spots clean and attractive. You can take the help of the hints given below.

use of bags to dispose of wrappers—leave no waste—use public dustbins—avoid carrying disposables etc.

Keeping Surroundings Clean
Respected Principal, Learned Teachers and Friends,
I am sure, it doesn’t need a speech to tell us that cleanliness is only next to Godliness. The question is why we do not practise it in our daily life. There are two reasons—our habits and our circumstances. If we are determined, we can improve both of them.

When we go for excursions, let us form a habit to carry a big plastic bag with us. This will help us to drop the wrappers into it when a public dustbin is not easily available. The second rule on such occasions can be to leave no waste as far as possible. Where public dustbins are available, all the waste with us should be thrown into them. We should avoid carrying disposable material which is the main source of rubbish,
CBSE Class 7 English Speech Writing Based on Verbal Input Q3

II. Based on Visual Input

Question 1.
You are the Head Boy/Head Girl of your school The following photo caught your attention. You decide to speak about this during the morning assembly. Prepare your speech in about 100 words giving useful suggestions.
CBSE Class 7 English Speech Writing Based on Visual Input Q1
Kill the Plastic Bag
Respected teachers and friends
The pictures given above provide us an opportunity to think about the use of plastic bags. I wonder if we are really aware of the harm which the plastic bags cause. For, if we know it, we can easily help to decrease it. Not long ago, people were using either paper bags or the bags made of cloth. Those paper bags were, of course, not so strong as plastic but they did not cause any pollution. So we should force the shopkeepers to give us paper bags. Alternatively we can carry our cloth bags with us whenever possible. Plastic bags often find their way into drains and choke them. Sometimes the cattle swallow them and die. I would, therefore request you to say ‘no’ to plastic bags.
CBSE Class 7 English Speech Writing Based on Visual Input Q1.1

Question 2.
You are Richard, a hockey player. The following visual shows the Indian hockey players not giving a chance to the opponents even to touch the ball at the World Cup tournament. You are unhappy about the step-motherly treatment shown by the government towards your favourite sport, so much so that the team was not even given a reception on their return to India after winning the World Cup. Your colony decided to felicitate the winning team. Write a speech in about 120 words to be delivered at the function showing your protest against the attitude of the government and the need to encourage all sports equally.
CBSE Class 7 English Speech Writing Based on Visual Input Q2
Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen
It’s a great day for Hockey. We have gathered here to felicitate our Indian Hockey team that has done really well this time. At the World Cup tournament, they did not let their opponents even touch the ball. I join the loud chorus of the praises heaped on them.

It, however, makes me sad that the government of the day gives this great game a step-motherly treatment. Even a proper reception has been denied to this team. Millions of rupees are given to the cricketers when they come home after winning a world-cup but the hockey team is neglected. We can’t do much except treating them as celebrities in our own humble way. We are with our players and we will do all that we can to force the government to treat this national sport better.
CBSE Class 7 English Speech Writing Based on Visual Input Q2.1

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