Political Science Class 12 Notes Chapter 18 Recent Developments in Indian Politics Context of the 1990s After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister and he led the Congress to a massive victory in the Lok Sabha elections held in 1984. The decade of the eighties witnessed five developments that left [...]
Political Science Class 12 Notes Chapter 9 Globalisation Concept of Globalisation Globalisation means the flows of ideas, capital, commodities and people across different parts of the world. It is a multidimensional concept. It has political, economic and cultural manifestations and these must be adequately distinguished. Globalisation need not always be positive. It can have negative [...]
Physical Education Class 12 Notes Chapter 12 Training in Sports Sports Training Training is a process of preparing an individual for any event, activity or job. Usually in sports, we use the term sports training, which denotes the sense of preparing sports persons for the highest level of performance. According to Mathew (1981), “Sports training [...]
Physical Education Class 12 Notes Chapter 11 Psychology and Sports Sports Psychology and Its Importance The word psychology refers to the study of human behaviour and sports psychology denotes a sub-category of psychology that deals with the behaviour of athletes and teams engaged in competitive sports Sports psychology is important because it. analyses the behaviour [...]
Physical Education Class 12 Notes Chapter 10 Kinesiology, Biomechanics and Sports Axes and Planes The body performs movements through a plane and around an axis. Axis An axis is an imaginary line about which the body (or limb) rotates. It can be divided in three parts Frontal Horizontal Axis Axis of the body that passes [...]
Physical Education Class 12 Notes Chapter 9 Sports Medicine Concept and Definition of Sports Medicine Sports medicine also known as Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) is a branch of medicine that specialises in the treatment and prevention of injuries related to participation in sports and/or exercise’. Sports medicine mainly deals with injuries like rotation of [...]
Physical Education Class 12 Notes Chapter 8 Physiology and Sports Physiology In physiology, we study how our organs, systems, tissues, cells and molecules within cells work and how their functions are put together to maintain our internarenvironment. “Physiology is the study of how the human body functions.” Physiology is very essential to understand how to [...]
Physical Education Class 12 Notes Chapter 7 Test and Measurement in Sports Computation of Fat Percentage The fat percentage or the amount of fat a person carries and whether he/she is normal, underweight or overweight can be calculated through computation of fat percentage. This can be done by BMI Body Mass Index (BMI) is a [...]
Physical Education Class 12 Notes Chapter 6 Women and Sports Sports Participation of Women in India The participation of women in sports in India is very small. Gender inequality is strongly evident in every field of life including sports. The problem is more socio-psychological than anything else. The Government of India instituted the National Sports [...]
Physical Education Class 12 Notes Chapter 5 Children and Sports Motor Development Motor development only happens when the child is biologically and mentally ready for it. Motor development refers to the development of movement and various motor abilities from birth till death. It is the ability to move around and manipulate his/her environment. There are [...]