Agriculture Class 10 Notes Social Science Geography Chapter 4 India is an agricultural country because of the following reasons: Two-third of its population is engaged in agricultural activities. Agriculture is a primary activity and produces most of the food and food grains. It produces raw materials for our various industries, e.g., cotton textile, sugar industry. [...]
Gender, Religion and Caste Class 10 Notes Social Science Civics Chapter 4 Feminist: A woman or a man, who believes in equal rights and opportunities for women and men, is called a feminist. Feminist Movements are radical women’s movements aiming at attaining equality for women in personal and family life and public affairs. These movements [...]
Power Sharing Class 10 Notes Social Science Civics Chapter 1 ‘Ethnic’: Ethnic means a social division based on shared culture and common descent. People belonging to an ethnic group need not have the same religion or nationality. Majoritarianism: A belief that the majority community should be able to rule a country in whichever way it [...]