CBSE Revision Notes for class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 1 A Triumph of Surgery

Chapter Sketch
The story recounts the episode where the narrator, a Veterinary surgeon, saves the life of a listless dog, Tricki, by hospitalising him to prevent him from being overfed by his wealthy owner, Mrs Pumphrey, which was only worsening his condition.

About the Characters

  • James Herriot James is a Veterinary surgeon, who proves to be a capable doctor and a wise individual. He is an animal lover and a caring guardian.
  • Mrs Pumphrey Mrs Pumphrey is a wealthy single woman. She is very much attached to her dog, Tricki. She is very loving but weak at heart.
  • Tricki Tricki is a lazy and fat dog who loves food. He is very fond of his owner. He turns out to be energetic and lively after recovering from his illness.

Herriot Halts to Enquire about Tricki:
It was when Herriot was driving that, he saw Mrs Pumphrey and Tricki walking down the street. He stopped his car to see how Tricki was doing. He was shocked to see that he had become fat like a sausage and was lacking energy. After enquiring from Mrs Pumphrey about Tricki’s condition, he advised her to immediately stop giving the dog extra snacks between meals. He also wanted her to make him exercise daily along with a strict diet in order to improve his health. Mrs Pumphrey confessed that it was very difficult for her to do so but she agreed upon giving it a try and walked off with Tricki.

Herriot Received the Expected Call:
Mrs Pumphrey called James Herriot, the vet, in haste, as Tricki had refused to eat food? Her concern grew even more when he had bouts of vomiting. James drove to Mrs Pumphrey’s house with a firm mindset that the only way to cure Tricki was to get him out of the house for some time. He suggested to Mrs Pumphrey to hospitalise him for a fortnight for observation so that the proper treatment can follow. Although it broke Mrs Pumphrey’s heart, she allowed James to take Tricki along with him to his surgery. He carried the dog wrapped in a blanket to his car. All the house helpers started to get together the blankets, rugs, bowls, coats etc that they thought Tricki might need during his hospitalisation. James started to drive off as he knew that his car could not carry so many things. All that Mrs Pumphrey managed to put were a few of his coats. Tricki left for the hospital leaving his caretakers behind in tears.

Tricki’s Stay and Recovery at the Hospital:
Tricki lay motionless on the bed that the vet made for him on the first day. He was put on a water diet for almost two days. Even the household dogs didn’t bother him as he seemed uninterested in anything. After two days, he started responding a bit. On the following day, he whimpered, trotted and joined the hound in the garden. Later on the third day, he ran with enthusiasm when the food was served. He also gulped down the extra food that was put out for him. His recovery was speeding up. He” had started running all day long and found joy in being bowled over and squashed. Inspite of being a high maintenance dog, he had fitted in well with the gang of shabby and unkempt ones.

Mrs Pumphrey’s Concern:
Mrs Pumphrey used to phone the vet’s clinic several times a day. She was keen to record his recovery and maintenance at short intervals. James brushed away her questions about Tricki’s dressing according to the weather but he didn’t fail to assure her that Tricki was out of danger. Upon learning about Tricki’s improving health, Mrs Pumphrey started sending additional food items, wine and brandy for Tricki, although this was not required. So the vet and his partner consumed these additional items themselves.

Time for Tricki’s Collection:
After two weeks James called up Mrs Pumphrey to inform that Tricki was fit and could go home. Mrs Pumphrey reached the surgery within half an hour. While the chauffeur held the door open, she enquired about Tricki’s actual condition. She was concerned about his well being and wanted to be sure about it. James found Tricki playing with the pack. He had become healthy and strong in his two weeks stay. As James carried Tricki out to his mistress, he jumped off his arms and landed in his mistress’ lap. She was very happy at finding Tricki as excited as he used to be. He licked her face and wagged his tail. The chauffeur and the vet settled the dog’s stuff in the car while Mrs Pumphrey thanked the vet for the ‘triumph of surgery’.

Chapter Highlights

  1. James Herriot stops his car and sees the poor health of Mrs Pumphrey’s dog, Tricki.
  2.  He advises Mrs Pumphrey to put Tricki on a strict diet and make him exercise daily.
  3.  Mrs Pumphrey continues to overfeed Tricki, which worsens his condition.
  4.  She calls Herriot for help on noticing Tricki’s deteriorating health.
  5. Herriot decides to hospitalise Tricki for a fortnight to treat him.
  6.  Tricki’s hospitalisation left Mrs Pumphrey and the helpers at home in tears.
  7. Tricki was kept on a strict diet in the hospital. His diet was increased according to the improvements he showed.
  8. Mrs Pumphrey’s anxiousness about Tricki’s health went away on learning that Tricki was convalescing satisfactorily.
  9. She started to send eggs, wine and brandy for Tricki to enrich his blood and improve his health.
  10. These items were instead enjoyed by James Herriot and his partner.
  11.  Tricki was transformed from a weak fat dog to a hard-muscled and agile one.
  12. James Herriot calls Mrs Pumphrey to come and take Tricki home.

The given page nos. correspond to the pages in the prescribed textbook.

Word Meaning


full of food or gas and therefore bigger than normal in a way that is unpleasant and uncomfortable.
sausage a mixture of finely chopped meat in a long tube of skin.
rheumy a watery discharge from a mucous membrance especially of the nose or eyes.
hastened to say or do things quickly without delay.
malt grain, usually left in water for a period of lume and then dried, used for making beer, whisky etc.
relent to agree upon something after refusing.
lumbago muscular pain in the lower part of the back.


prescribed course of exercise and diet.
tottering to walk or move with weak unsteady steps.
distraught extremely worried.
bouts a short period of a particular activity, a period of illness.
swooned to become unconscious.
pine to become very sad because somebody has died or gone away.


the last meal of the day, either a main meal, usually smaller and less formal than dinner.
despairing the feeling of having lost all hope.
gasping a quick deep breath, usually caused by a strong emotion.
sniffing to breathe dir in through nose in order to discover or enjoy the smell of something.
whimper a low weak cry a person or an animal makes when they are hurt, frightened or sad.
engulfed to surround or cover, something or somebody completely; to affect something or somebody very strongly.
slopped to move ardund in a container; to make liquid or food come out of a container in an untidy way.


to push roughly against somebody in a crowd.
scrimmages rough or confused struggle.
shaggy long and untidy; having long and untidy hair, fur etc.
convalescing recovering from an illness; to spend time getting your health and strength back after an illness.


a person whose job is to drive a car, especially for somebody rich or important.
lithe flexible moving or bending easily in a way that is elegant.
triumph a great success, achievement or victory; an excellent example of how successful something can be.


A Triumph of Surgery Summary In Hindi

ट्रिकी की बीमारी
कहानी का वर्णनकर्ता मि. हैरियट है। वह एक पशुचिकित्सक है। उसे कुत्ते के बारे में वास्तव में चिन्ता थी। इसका नाम ट्रिकी था। उसे इसे अपनी मालकिन के साथ देखकर झटका लगा । यह काफी मोटा हो गया था। इसकी आँखें लाल हो गई थीं। इसकी जीभ इसके जबड़े से बाहर आ रही थी। यह बीमारी की अवस्था में था।

ट्रिकी की मालकिन के कारण ट्रिकी का बीमार पड़ना
कुत्ते की मालकिन मिसेज पम्फरी थी। उसने हैरियट को बताया कि कुत्ते में कोई ताकत शेष नहीं दिखाई दे रही थी। इसलिए उसने इसे अधिक माल्ट और कोड लीवर तेल और हाँरलिक्स का एक कटोरा दिया। उसने इसे हैरियट के मना करने के बावजूद भी क्रीम के कुछ केक और चॉकलेट भी दिए। यह ठोस खाना था।

हैरियट द्वारा मिसेज पम्फरी को चेतावनी
हैरियट ने कुत्ते पर फिर देखा। उसका बड़ा दुख यह था कि यह लालची हो गया था। यह खाने को मना नहीं करता था। हैरियट ने मिसेज पम्फरी से पूछा कि क्या वह कुत्ते को काफी व्यायाम करा रही थी। उसने इन्कार कर दिया। हैरियट ने उसे चेतावनी दी। यदि उसने इसके खाने को कम नहीं किया और इसे अधिक शारीरिक व्यायाम नहीं दिया तो वह वास्तव में अधिक बीमार होने जा रहा था। उसने कहा कि वह ठीक कह रहा था। परन्तु यह उसके लिए कठिन था।

ट्रिकी का हस्पताल में होना
अगले कई दिनों में मिसेज पम्फरी ने हैरियट को बताया कि ट्रिकी ने कुछ नहीं खाया। उसने अपने पसन्दीदा खाने को भी खाने से इन्कार कर दिया। उसने अपना सारा समय भारी-भारी साँस लेकर लेटे हुए गुजारा। वर्णनकर्ता ने अपनी योजनाएँ अग्रिम रूप में ही बना ली थीं। उसने सुझाव दिया कि ट्रिकी को लगभग पन्द्रह दिन के लिए अस्पताल में दाखिल कराना चाहिए। महिला लगभग बेहोश हो गई। उसे यकीन था कि यदि वह उसे नहीं देखेगा तो वह मर जाएगा।

टिकी हस्पताल में
वर्णनकर्ता कुत्ते को अपनी कार में ले गया। मिसेज पम्फरी ने ट्रिकी की सारी वस्तुएँ जैसे बिस्तर, तकिए, खिलौने, भिन्न भिन्न कटोरे, कोट आदि दे दीं। अस्पताल में ट्रिकी ने दूसरे कुत्तों की तरफ देखा। उन्होंने इसके चारों तरफ सुंघा और उसकी उपेक्षा कर दी।

ट्रिकी का इलाज
लेखक ने ट्रिकी पर दो दिनों तक नजर रखी। उसने उसे काफी पानी दिया परन्तु खाना नहीं। तीसरे दिन उसने दूसरे कुत्तों को देखकर आवाजें दीं। यह उनके पीछे बगीचे तक गया। उस दिन शाम को दूसरे कुत्तों को खाना दिया गया। जब उन्होंने खाना समाप्त कर लिया तो टिकी कटोरों के चारों तरफ घूमा। उसने उन्हें चाटा भी। उसका अर्थ था कि वह भूखा था। उसे कुछ खाना दिया गया।

ट्रिकी की उन्नति
ट्रिकी ने उन्नति दिखानी आरम्भ कर दी। उसे दवाइयों द्वारा इलाज नहीं दिया गया। यह सारा दिन कुत्तों के साथ दौड़ा। उसने दूसरे कुत्तों के साथ होने की खुशी को खोजा। इस बीच मिसेज पम्फरी बार बार टेलीफोन करती रही। उसने ट्रिकी के बारे में कई प्रकार के प्रश्न पूछे। परन्तु वर्णनकर्ता ने उसे बताया कि कुत्ता खतरे से बाहर है।

टिकी का ठीक होना
मिसेज पम्फरी ने ट्रिकी की ताकत बनाने के लिए ताजा अण्डे लाना आरम्भ कर दिया। वर्णनकर्ता ने ट्रिकी को खाने से पहले और बीच में शराब देना आरम्भ कर दिया। कुत्ते ने ब्राण्डी भी पीना आरम्भ कर दिया। ट्रिकी को अब सुबह एक अतिरिक्त अण्डा दिया जाता। उसे दोपहर को शराब और शाम को ब्राण्डी दी जाती । पन्द्रह दिन पश्चात् वर्णनकर्ता ने उसे टेलीफोन पर कहा कि कुत्ता पूर्ण रूप से ठीक है।

मिसेज पम्फरी का ट्रिकी को घर ले जाने के लिये आना
मिसेज पम्फरी एक बड़ी गाड़ी में वर्णनकर्ता की सर्जरी में आई। उसने उसे पूछा कि क्या कुत्ता ठीक है । वर्णनकर्ता ने उसे बताया कि कुत्ता ठीक है । वह उसे उसके पास ले आएगा। जब ट्रिकी ने अपनी मालकिन को देखा तो यह मिसेज पम्फरी की गोद में दौड़कर चला गया। उसने उसके चेहरे को चाटना और भौंकना आरम्भ कर दिया।

ट्रिकी का इलाज-सर्जरी की विजय
वर्णनकर्ता ने ड्राईवर की ट्रिकी की कई वस्तुओं को लाने में सहायता की। ये ट्रिकी के बिस्तर, खिलौने, तकिए, कोट और कटोरे थे। इनका प्रयोग नहीं किया गया था। जैसे कार चली मिसेज पम्फरी खिड़की से बाहर झाँकी। उसकी आँखों में आँसू थे। उसके होंठ काँपे। उसने वर्णनकर्ता को बताया कि यह सर्जरी की विजय थी।


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