NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-4

(i) WHY?


Reading is Fun
1.Name a few things that sink.
Ans. Iron, stone, lead, marble, cup, plate, etc.

2.List three questions that the little boy asks.
Ans. Three questions that the little boy asks are:
(i) Why do wood swim and marble sink?
(ii)What makes the cloud?
(iii)Why do we eat and drink?

3.What sort of a boy is described in the poem?
(a) sad (b) curious (c) brave
Ans. (b) curious.

Let’s Talk
Ram is a curious little boy. He is always asking questions. One day he came home and asked his grandfather questions like-
1. Why can’t we look at the sun during a solar eclipse?
2. Why can’t we touch the sun?
3. Why can’t we go out to play in the dark?
Discuss these questions with your teacher and class. Do you know the answers?
1. We can’t look at the sun during a solar eclipse because the light of the sun can prove harmful for our eyes.
2. The sun is a ball of fire. It is too hot to touch. It is also too far to reach or touch.
3. Proper light is essential for activities like playing games. We may fall down or get hurt if we play in darkness.

Word Building
1. Fill in the blanks with words from the poem which rhyme with the coloured words in the sentences
Why is the sky so high?
Do you know the colour of no?
Have you found who made the cloud?
Put the glass in the sink after you finish your drink.

2. The spellings of these words are jumbled. Put them right and make sentences of your own.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-4 Chapter 7 Why Word Building Q2
Let’s Write
1. Discuss and write-
(a) Why do cats and dogs fight?
Ans. Dogs are not friendly to cats. Whenever they meet they start fighting because dogs make attempts to kill cats who are forced to fight with them to save themselves
(b) Why do we walk across the road, not run?
Ans. We don’t run but walk across the road to avoid accidents. There are so many vehicles on the road. In such a situation we are supposed to walk on it carefully without disturbing others.
(c) Why do people like ice-cream?
Ans. People like ice-cream because they feel exciting to eat such a cold sweet thing.

2. Write down at least two questions using ‘why’?
(a) Why are you crying so loudly?
(b) Why do you speak so rudely?

Fun Time
You need-
two onion halves, two bottle tops, water colour, plate for mixing.
Take an onion. Cut it into half. Mix some paint of any colour with a little water in a plate. Dip the cut side of the onion into the colour. Now press it on a paper to make designs. Press the bottle top into the centre of the design. You can use another colour for the other onion half and the other bottle top.
Ans. Do it yourself.



Reading is Fun
1.While listening to the story, what did Alice see?
Ans. Alice saw a white rabbit while she was listening to the story.

2.What was different about the rabbit that Alice saw?
Ans. The rabbit that Alice saw had pink eyes and was wearing a blue coat. He could talk like humans.

3.Where did the rabbit go?
Ans.The rabbit jumped into a big rabbit hole and went down and down.

4.How did Alice reach Wonderland?
Ans.Alice reached Wonderland by following the white rabbit.

5.What strange things did Alice see?
Ans.Alice saw lovely garden with beds of bright flowers and cool fountains.

6.Describe in your own words the garden that Alice saw.
Ans.The garden that Alice saw was the most beautiful garden she had ever seen. It had beds of bright flowers and cool fountains.

7.Draw the garden of your dreams.
Ans. Do it yourself.

8. Tick (Right) the correct answer.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-4 Chapter 8 Alice in Wonderland Reading is Fun Q8
Let’s Talk
1. Describe some of the sounds you hear at night.
Ans. Barking of street dogs, and sounds made by the watchman.

2. Imagine you are Alice and your partner is a rabbit. What would you do?
Ans. I would request the rabbit to become my friend and take me to the wonderland.

3. What do you think Alice saw in the garden?
Ans. Alice saw beds of bright flowers. She saw cool fountains, beautiful birds and fruit trees.

4. How could Alice have got into the garden?
Ans. Alice could have got into the garden by becoming smaller.

Let’s Write
1. Find one word from the story that means
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-4 Chapter 8 Alice in Wonderland Lets Write Q1
2. Give another word for the ones given below with similar meanings and make sentences. Make sentences with each of the opposites of these describing words and make sentences with them—
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-4 Chapter 8 Alice in Wonderland Lets Write Q2
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-4 Chapter 8 Alice in Wonderland Lets Write Q2.1
3. Imagine you are going on a journey to the centre of the earth. What do you think you will see? What would you feel?
Ans. I would see layers of different types of soil. I would also see layers of ground water. I would feel excited.

4. Alice follows the strange rabbit because she wants to know a number of things. Re-arrange the words to make the questions that Alice has in her mind and put a question-mark
(а) talk rabbit a how can
Ans. How can a rabbit talk?
(b) going he is where
Ans. Where is he going?
(c) read he can time the
Ans. Can he read the time?
(d) hurry is in a why he
Ans. Why is he in a hurry?

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