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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Eating Together

Write in Your Notebook
1. Do you like to eat with others?
Ans. Yes, I do like to eat with others.

2. On what occasions do you eat together with your friends?
Ans. We eat together while celebrating festivals and functions. During lunch break in school also we eat together.

3. Have you ever had a party in your class?
Ans. Yes, we had had several parties in our class. –

4. When? What all did you do to arrange a party?
Ans. The party was on the eve of Independence Day. We arranged a cook, ingredients to prepare food, sparkle lights, invitation cards, vehicles for picking and dropping the guests.

5. What did you and your classmates bring to the party?
Ans. We brought balloon, flags, sparkle powder, etc.

6. What all did you eat?
Ans. First of all we ate snacks, and then we had lunch. In snacks we ate cakes and pastries and in lunch we ate pulaao, dal, puri, sabji and sweets.

7. Who were the people you invited for your party?
Ans. All the parents, and families of all the teachers.

8. Were there some people who work in your school, whom you could not invite?
Who were these people?
Ans. No, all the people who work in my school were invited.

9. Did you wear any special dress for the party?
Ans. Yes, we all wore party dresses. ‘

10. What are the things that you can do to make the party greater fun for everyone? Discuss.
Ans. First of all patriotic songs were sung to pay homage to the martyrs and. then a play was staged.

Celebration Bihu
1. Where is the festival of Bihu celebrated?
Ans. Bihu is celebrated in the State of Assam.

2. Which are the festivals you celebrate together with other families?
Ans. We celebrate Holi, Dussehra, Deepawali, Id, etc. together with other families.

3. Does everyone cook and eat together on such festivals?
Ans. No, everyone does not cook together but all of them celebrate the festivals together.

4. What are some of the special dishes that are cooked?
Ans. Pua, mutton, gujhia and dahi bhalle are the main special dishes which are cooked on the eve of Holi. Sevain is the special dish that is cooked on the eve of Id.

5. How are they cooked?
Ans. Pua is cooked by frying maida in lot of oil. Sevain is cooked by boiling the sevain in milk and sugar.

6. Are some special vessels used for cooking these items? What are they?
Ans. Special type of Kadhai which is made of iron is used to cook pua and pans are used to cook Sevain.

7. Which is the biggest vessel that is used? Can you draw a picture of it?
Ans. The biggest vessel that is used to prepare vegetables is a big Kadhai.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Eating Together Page 169 Q7
8. Can you guess how many people can eat the food that is cooked in it at one time?
Ans. Yes, I think more than 100 people can eat the vegetable that is cooked in it at one time

Find Out and Write
1. Can you guess how many people must have eaten together in the village feast?
Ans. In the village feast more than 1000 people must have eaten together.

2. Have you ever seen the Bihu dance? Did you like it.
Ans. Yes, I have seen the Bihu dance on TV. Yes I .liked it.

3. Find out from the students in your class, the festivals that they celebrate and the special food that they eat on these days. Who cooks the special food for festivals?
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Eating Together Page 170 Q3
Family members cooked these foods together.
1. Do you wear clothes of some special colours on some festivals?
Ans. Yes, we wear some special clothes on some festivals.

2. Make a picture of these clothes in your notebook.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Eating Together Page 170 Q2
3. Are there special songs that are sung at different festivals in your place?
Ans. Yes s.pecial songs are sung at different festivals in our place.

4. Learn some of these songs and sing them in the class. Learn some special festival dances. Perform these with your friends in your school assembly.
Ans. Do it yourself.

5. When you meet friends of your own age do you do anything special – like play a game, chat or watch a movie? What else do you do?
Ans. Yes, whenever I meet with my friends of own age, I do play games, talk a lot and enjoy a lot

Find Out and Write in Your Notebook
1. Write about the food given in your school. If you do not get food in school, ask a friend or someone else who gets food in school.
Ans. I ask these questions to one of my friends, the answers which were given by his is here.
(а) What time is the meal served?
Ans. It is at the lunch hour at 1:30 pm.
(b) What do you get in the meal at school?
Ans. We get rice, dal, vegetable, bread, dal, boiled egg. We get different types of food on different days.
(c) Do you like the mid-day meal that you get?
Ans. Yes, we like the mid-day meal.
(d) Is the food that you get enough for you?
Ans. The food given is enough for us.
(e) Do you bring your own plate, or do you get it in school?
Ans. We get it in our own plate.
(f) Who serves the food?
Ans. Peon serves the food. .
(g) Do your teachers eat with you?
Ans. Yes, teachers also eat with us.
(h) Is the week’s menu put up on the school board?
Ans. Yes, week’s menu is put on the school board.
(i) What will you get on Wednesday and Friday?
Ans. On Wednesday we get boiled egg, dal and rice. On Friday we get dal, roti and vegetable.
(j) If you got a chance to change the menu for the meal in your school, what would you like to change? What would you like to eat? Make your own menu.
Ans. My friend told his menu for the week is as follows:
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Eating Together Page 172 Q1
(k) If you do not get food in the school, find out why.
Ans. Once food was not served in school, because the cook was sick.

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