Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 5 Indian Sociologists One of the earliest pioneers of social anthropology in India, L.K. Ananthakrishna Iyer (1861-1937), began his career as a clerk, moved on to become a school teacher and later a college teacher in Cochin state in present day Kerala. In 1902, he was asked by the Dewan [...]
Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 4 Introducing Western Sociologists Sociology is sometimes called the child of the ‘age of revolution’. Three revolutions paved the way for the emergence of sociology: the Enlightenment, or the scientific revolution; the French Revolution; and the Industrial Revolution. The modem era in Europe and the conditions of modernity were brought [...]
Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 3 Environment and Society Social relationships with the environment have changed over time and they vary from place to place. There are a few environmental problems that demand attention. All societies have an ecological basis. The term ‘ecology’ denotes the web of physical and biological systems and processes of which [...]
Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 2 Social Change and Social Order in Rural and Urban Society Change is the most permanent feature of any society. Social change can be defined as transformation in the methods of thinking and working of people. It is basically changes in social structures and social relationships of a society. Social [...]
Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 1 Social Structure, Stratification and Social Processes in Society The term social structure’ points to the fact that society is structured i.e. organised or arranged in particular ways. The structure of anything consists of the relatively stable interrelationship among its parts; moreover the term ‘part’ itself implies a certain degree [...]
Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 5 Doing Sociology: Research Methods Sociologists move beyond guess work and commonsensical knowledge to know what social reality is. Sociological explanations are, therefore, based on empirical research. Empirical research refers to factual enquiry carried out in a given area of sociological study. Research process involves a number of distinct steps [...]
Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 4 Culture and Socialisation Society is defined as a web of social relationships. All human societies are marked by culture. Tyler defines culture as the “complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, law, customs and other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.” Clyde Kluck [...]
Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 3 Understanding Social Institutions Family: The word “family” has been taken from the Roman word “familus” meaning “servant”. In Roman law, the word denoted the group of producers and slaves and other servants as well as the members connected by common descent or marriage. According to Burgess and Locke, “A [...]
Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 2 Terms, Concepts and their Use in Sociology As opposed to commonsensical knowledge, Sociology like any other science has its own body of concepts, theories and methods of data collection. Asa social science, Sociology does need to have certain agreed upon meanings of social realities and processes it is studying. [...]
Sociology Class 11 Notes Chapter 1 Sociology and Society A society is a group of people who share a common culture, occupy a territorial area and are bound to each other by a common history. Societies may be simple, may be complex. It is natural to human beings. We all are social beings. We cannot [...]