12th Class History NCERT Solutions Class 12 History Chapter 1 Bricks, Beads and Bones The Harappan Civilisation Class 12 History Chapter 2 Kings, Farmers and Towns Early States and Economies  Class 12 History Chapter 3 Kinship, Caste and […]
12th class Solutions for Sociology: Indian Society Class 12 Sociology Chapter 1 Introducing Indian Society Class 12 Sociology Chapter 2 The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society Class 12 Sociology Chapter 3 Social Institutions: Continuity and Change Class […]
12th. Ch-1 सिल्वर वैडिंग 12th. Ch-2  जूझ 12th. Ch-3 अतीत में दबे पाँव 12th. Ch-4 डायरी के पन्ने
12th.Vistas. The Third Level-1 12th.Vistas. The Tiger King-2 12th.Vistas.The Enemy-3 12th.Vistas. Journey to the end of the Earth-4 12th.Vistas. Should Wizard hit Mommy-5 12th.Vistas. On the face of It-6 12th.Vistas. Evans Tries an O-level-7 12th.Vistas. Memories of Childhood-8
12th.Flamingo.The Last Lesson-1 12th.Flamingo.Lost spring-2 12th.Flamingo.Deep Water-3 12th.Flamingo. The Rattrap-4 12th.Flamingo.Indigo-5 12th.Flamingo.Going Places-6 12th.Flamingo.My Mother at Sixty-six-7 12th.Flamingo.An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum-8 12th.Flamingo.Keeping Quiet-9 12th.Flamingo.A Thing of Beauty-10 12th.Flamingo.Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers-11