Food Security in India Class 9 Notes Social Science Economics Chapter 4 Food security refers to availability, accessibility and affordability of food to all people at all times. Food security depends, on the Public Distribution System (PDS) and government vigilance and time to time action, when this security is threatened. Meaning Of Food Security Food [...]
Poverty as a Challenge Class 9 Notes Social Science Economics Chapter 3 Poverty is the most difficult challenge faced by independent India. Poverty is a condition in which a person lacks the financial resources and essentials things to enjoy minimum standards of life. Poor people can be landless labourers in villages, jhuggi and slum dwellers [...]
People as Resource Class 9 Notes Economics Chapter 2 According to the previous 3 years examinations, the following concepts are most important from this chapter and should be focussed upon. Various Aspects of Human Resource Development The Role of Education Unemployment and Forms of Unemployment in India. Human beings perform many activities which can be [...]
The Story of Village Palampur Class 9 Notes Social Science Economics Chapter 1 As per the previous 3 years’ examinations, special emphasis has been laid upon the following topics from this chapter. Organisation of Production Change in the Traditional Activities Fanning in Palampur Village Palampur Palampur is a small village. About 450 families live here. [...]