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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Civics Democratic Politics Chapter 2 Federalism

Federalism CBSE Class 10 Democratic Policies NCERT Solutions

Point out one feature in the practice of federalism in India that is similar to and one feature that is different from that of Belgium.
India and Belgium are similar in the aspect of ‘holding together’ federations.

What is the main difference between a federal form of government and a unitary one? Explain with an example.
A unitary system of government is where the national government has all the powers. But, whereas the federal form of government has two powers. One at the state level and one at the central level.

State any two differences between the local government before and after the Constitutional amendment in 1992.
Two differences between the local government before and after the constitutional amendment in 1992 are as follows:

  1. Before 1992, elections to the local bodies were not held regularly. Since 1992, it is constitutionally mandated to hold regular elections to local government bodies.
  2. Before 1992, local bodies did not have any powers or resources of their own. After 1992, the state governments are required to share some powers and revenue with local government bodies.

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