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Class 11 Political Science Notes Chapter 10 Development

  • The idea of development became a main concern after the industrial revolution. Development refers to the achievement of social and economic progress by transforming conditions of underdevelopment as low productivity, stagnation and poverty.
  • Development conveys the ideas of improvement, progress, well being and an aspiration for a better life to articulate a vision for the society as a whole and methods to achieve it.
  • Development cannot be understood as only in economic terms but it can place also in social and political terms.
  • Development bears the different approaches also like psychological, human needs development, dependency, Gandhian and market-friendly approaches, etc.
  • Sustainable development makes the efforts to meet the well being needs of present and future generations.
  • Gandhiji viewed development to be different from Western model of development and made a distinction between economic and real development.
  • This concept gained importance after the second half of 20th century when many countries from Asia and Africa attained political independence.
  • A criticism has taken place that development projects to be proven very costly for developing countries.
  • The development pays a high social cost also because displacement has led to many struggles in the countries.
  • Development should not be measured only in the terms of materials only but it can also be measured in terms of happiness, harmony and satisfaction of essential needs.

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