CBSE Class 6 English Grammar Noun

Definition. Noun is the name given to a thing, person, object (animate or inanimate) or feeling : e.g.,
Ram, man, dog, book, tree, light, love etc.
Kinds of Noun :
Noun can be of two kinds :
A. Countable nouns like book, man etc.
B. Uncountable nouns like light, bread etc.
(a) An uncountable noun is sometimes used as countable noun.
Three teas, please.
Here ‘three teas’ means three cups of tea.
There were dozens of ice-creams.
It means there were dozens of kinds of ice-cream.
Compare :
She has curly hair.
There is a hair in my soup.

(b) Some nouns have different meanings when they are used countably and when used uncountably.
Glass is fragile.
Give me a glass of water.
This is a three-room-house.
There is no room for dishonesty in this company.

(c) Collective nouns such as a group, a crowd, a herd, a team etc are singular.
However, if we think of the members individually, a plural verb may be used.
Compare :
A flock of sheep was grazing.
A flock of sheep were straying all over the road causing confusion in the traffic. In the first sentence the speaker is thinking of the sheep as a group.
In the second sentence, he has different sheep—some straying in one direction and some in the other. So we use a plural verb there.

(d) Some nouns have a plural form but are always treated as singular.
What is the latest news ?

Exercise 1

Fill in the blanks with the proper form of verbs given in the brackets. Use only present tense.
1. All the sugar ……….. been consumed. (have)
2. The English Cricket team ……….. expected to arrive in India today. (be)
3. Good cutlery ……….. expensive. (be)
4. A lot of milk ……….. to be drunk by the patient. (need)
5. Most of the money ……….. now been spent. (have)
1. has
2. is
3. is
4. needs
5. has

Exercise 2
(For Practice)

Fill in the blanks using the present tense of the verb in the brackets.
1. A large crowd ……….. expected today. (be)
2. These shoes ……….. almost worn out. (be)
3. A pair of gloves ……….. been found in the hall. (have)
4. A great number of people ……….. visited the exhibition. (have)
5. Most of the houses in this street ……….. been built by a single builder. (have)
6. These scissors ……….. sharpening. (need)

Exercise 3
(For Practice)

Supply the appropriate verb to fill the blank spaces. Use present tense.
1. The people waiting for the show ……….. getting impatient.
2. Mathematics ……….. his weakest subject.
3. An epidemic of measles ……….. broken out in the city.
4. The bread ……….. been ordered.
5. There ……….. plenty of water in the house.
6. Most of the students ……….. gone abroad.

Multiple Choice Questions

Read the statements given below and tick the correct option :
I. Identify the type of Noun :
Question 1.
This is a wonderful class
(i) Collective noun
(ii) Proper noun
(iii) Material noun
(iv) Common noun

Question 2.
The house is made of bricks
(i) Collective noun
(ii) Common noun
(iii) Material noun
(iv) Abstract noun

Question 3.
Honesty is the best policy
(i) Collective noun
(ii) Proper noun
(iii) Common noun
(iv) Abstract noun

II. Fill in the missing word :
Question 4.
A of sheep was grazing
(i) group
(ii) bunch
(iii) flock
(iv) herd

Question 5.
How much do you want ?
(i) pens
(ii) windows
(iii) sugar
(iv) notebooks

Question 6.
A bunch of is hanging
(i) leaves
(ii) photos
(iii) keys
(iv) strings.

Question 7.
I like
(i) book
(ii) booked
(iii) booking
(iv) books

III. Tick the correct option :
Question 8.
A meal that is eaten in the morning
(i) breakfast
(ii) lunch
(iii) dinner
(iv) supper

Question 9.
A man who is getting married
(i) bride
(ii) bridesmaid
(iii) bridegroom
(iv) bridesman

Question 10.
A picture that is taken with a camera
(i) movie
(ii) footage
(iii) photograph
(iv) passport
Answers :
1. (i)
2. (iii)
3. (iv)
4. (iii)
5. (iii)
6. (iii)
7. (iv)
8. (i)
9. (iii)
10. (iii)

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