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CBSE Class 7 English Grammar Integrated Exercises

Type I

Fill In The Blanks
1. Fill in the blanks using a word. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Passenger airplanes mostly fly (a) _______ speeds less than that (b) _______ sound. Airplanes (c) _______ can fly (d) _______ greater speeds have been built. This is (e) _______ if they fly (f) _______ speeds greater (g) _______ the speed of sound, (h) _______ fuel consumption increases enormously.
(a) at
(b) of
(c) which
(d) at
(e) because
(f) at
(g) than
(h) the

2. Fill in the blanks below using a suitable word in each. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
(a) _______ interviewing children (b) _______ were candidates for a special programme (c) _______ of the questions asked was what life would be (d) _______ 100 years hence. Ravi, one of the candidates answered, “One thing is for sure, February (e) _______ be the longest month of the year as they add a day to it (f) _______ four years.”
(a) While
(b) who
(c) one
(d) like
(e) will
(f) every

3. Fill in the blanks using a suitable word in each. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. The first one has been done for you as an example.
Once upon a time there was a man called Smith. He was a green grocer (a) _______ lived in Clapham. He (b) _______ four sons, (c) _______ eldest was called George after the king and (d) _______ was arranged that he was (e) _______ inherit his father’s shop. So (f) _______ school he went to special Botany classes.
(a) who
(b) had
(c) The
(d) it
(e) to
(f) after

4. Given below is a letter of complaint to the Officer Incharge, Public Works Department. Complete the letter by filling in the blanks with one suitable word in each blank. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Dear Sir
We regret to bring to your notice that roads in Moti Colony need urgent (a) _______ The surface is badly damaged by the (b) _______ we had last month. In the night, it is dangerous to walk. Also, there are heaps of stones (c) _______ the sides of the road. Your department (d) _______ not taken any action so far. We would (e) _______ highly grateful if you take necessary action without any further (f) _______ .
Yours faithfully
Residents, Moti Colony
(a) repairs
(b) rain
(c) by
(d) has
(e) be
(f) delay

5. Complete the passage below by writing one suitable word in each space. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
On May 20, 1818, the British explorer Sir Stamford Raffles, reported the finding of a giant flower (a) _______ Sumatra. It was named Rafflesia (b) _______ him. Measuring almost a metre across and weighing (c) _______ to eleven kilograms, the Rafflesia is (d) _______ world’s largest flower. It is (e) _______ called ‘Stinking Lily’ (f) _______ of the unpleasant smell it emits. (g) _______ people who have been fortunate to see it, inform that they were overcome (h) _______ its beauty.
(a) in
(b) after
(c) up
(d) the
(e) also
(f) because
(g) The
(h) by

6. Complete the passage below by writing one suitable word in each space. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Our city was acutely short of water. In one of my classes I stressed (a) _______ need to conserve water. We (b) _______ ways of harvesting rain water and making the (c) _______ of every drop that was available, (d) _______ was surprised to hear wise thoughts (e) _______ by an 11 year old boy. He told us that (f) _______ he washed his face in the morning he didn’t throw the water (g) _______ He caught it in a bowl and placed it (h) for the birds.
(a) upon the
(b) discussed
(c) use
(d) I
(e) expressed
(f) when
(g) away
(h) out

Type II
Editing Task (Error Correction)

The following passages have not been edited. There is a mistake in each line. Write the incorrect word as well as the correction as given in example in the first sentence of every passage.

1. Even if Indians have a long history e.g. if… though
on them, they have a poor (a) _______
knowledge in maintaining homes, (b) _______
toilets, on fridges. (c) _______
Modem detergents and soaps is (d) _______
very common in shelves, but (e) _______
people does not use them regularly. (f) _______
This cause the increase (g) _______
in a life of bacteria and viruses. (h) _______
(a) on — behind
(b) in — of
(c) on — and/or
(d) is — are
(e) in — on
(f) does — do
(g) cause — causes
(h) a — the

2. Haemophilia are one of the several e.g. are … is
sex linked diseases which effects (a) _______
only males. This is because the disorders is (b) _______
caused with a defective gene of the X-chromosome. (c) _______
As the result, blood does not clot and there is a (d) _______
risk for heavy bleeding even from minor cuts (e) _______
and injuries. The disease is not affect females, (f) _______
because, from the two X chromosomes if one has (g) _______
the defective gene, then the other do produce enough clotting factor. (h) _______
(a) effects — affects
(b) disorders — disorder
(c) with — by
(d) the — a
(e) for — of
(f) is — does
(g) from — of
(h)do — does

3. All life on earth can ultimately is e.g. is … be
traced back on the sea. Creatures (a) _______
with limbs or fingers rather than (b) _______
fins has evolved from fishes (c) _______
about 335 million years before, (d) _______
which remain a mystery. (e) _______
(a) on — to
(b) or — and
(c) has — who, which
(d) before — ago
(e) which — still

4. Scientific research, made for determine e.g. for … to
the specific benefits of ‘Touch Therapy” by a University of Miami School of (a) _______
Medicine, proves the touch has a direct (b) _______
relation on a baby’s system. (c) _______
It also helps your little one fight infections Touch the. (d) _______
baby to show him they care. Touch him (e) _______
to show him you loved him. And touch (f) _______
him for all the hundreds of reason only mothers know best. (g) _______
(a) a — the
(b) prove — proved
(c) on — with
(d) infections — infection
(e) they — you
(f) loved — love
(g) reason — reasons

5. There is often things wrong with our school. . e.g. is … are
Time and again we had (a) _______
seen which a good teacher (b) _______
with desire as care (c) _______
can get over all difficulties is produce (d) _______
great students. While many man (e) _______
together make the good school (f) _______
probably the one special factor less (g) _______
important than all the others was the good teacher. (h) _______
(a) had — have
(b) which — how
(c) as — and
(d) is — to
(e) man — men
(f) the — a
(g) less — more
(h) was — is

6. Even as the directory were released e.g. were ……….. was
about thousand numbers in the city were been changed. (a) _______
Moreover, many old connections were given. (b) _______
Sometimes the changes are be confirmed (c) _______
by dialling 196 or 197. It is only by luck one get (d) _______
197. Almost all the time when one dials 197 a record (e) _______
voice says, “You were in queue, please wait”. (f) _______
(a) were — had
(b) old — new
(c) be — being
(d) get — gets
(e) record — recorded
(f) were — are

Type III
Editing Task (Missing Word)

The following passages have not been edited. There is a word missing in each line. Write the missing word along with the word which comes before it and the one that comes after it as shown in the example.

1. The nawab insisted that task e.g. that the task
had to done come what may. (a) _______
The minister worrying (b) _______
himself sick, Gopal (c) _______
Bhar by. He saw that the (d) _______
minister very upset and (e) _______
asked him the matter was (f) _______
(a) to be done
(b) minister was worrying
(c) sick, when Gopal
(d) Bhar came by
(e) minister was very
(f) him what the

2. The nawab that the minister e.g. nawab insisted that
do task and wouldn’t take no (a) _______
for answer. The minister was (b) _______
in fix and worrying (c) _______
himself sick, Gopal Bhar (d) _______
walked. He saw that the (e) _______
minister very upset. (f) _______
(a) do the task
(b) for an answer
(c) in a fix
(d) sick, when Gopal
(e) walked in He
(f) minister was very

3. The holy man to Rama e.g. man spoke to
for a while. He to Rama’s mother (a) _______
that her son prayed sincerely (b) _______
to Kali village goddess (c) _______
he be blessed by her. (d) _______
This would his fortune. (e) _______
(a) He said to
(b) that if her
(c) Kali the village
(d) he would be
(e) would improve his

4. After the holy man had spoken Rama, e.g. spoken to Rama
he told Rama’s mother that should (a) _______
be sent to pray the Kali Temple at the (b) _______
village. He promised good lady that if (c) _______
this was done, Kali, the goddess appear, (d) _______
take pity on him and bless. Then all her (e) _______
worries would over. (f) _______
(a) that he should
(b) pray in the
(c) promised the good
(d) goddess would appear
(e) bless him Then
(f) would be over

5. There was a rich old man who in a palace. e.g. who lived in
There also lived nearby poor man in a hut. (a) _______
He on crumbs of food given by others. (b) _______
But he cheerful and never complained. (c) _______
Once it happened that the poor man (d) _______
had to eat for a long while. So he (e) _______
went to the rich old man help. (f) _______
(a) nearby a poor
(b) He lived on
(c) he was cheerful
(d) it so happened
(e) had nothing to
(f) man for help

6. Man’s increases by hard work. e.g. Man’s practice increases
If he does not it, his practice suffers. (a) _______
The lawyer is judged the cases that he wins. (b) _______
The writer’s is examined (c) _______
by the of the readers and critics ; whereas (d) _______
the typist’s is tested by his speed (e) _______
and the accuracy his work. (f) _______
(a) not do it
(b) judged by the
(c) writer’s writing is
(d) the opinion of
(e) typist’s work is
(f) accuracy of his

Type IV
Rearranging The Sentences

Look at the words and phrases below in each activity. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example. Write the corrected sentences in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.

1. Example : The most important task / is to defend / an air attack / of the Air Force / by an enemy / the country / against.
The most important task of the Air Force is to defend the country against an air attack by an enemy.
(a) When the enemy / destroy the enemy planes / sends planes to attack, our planes must ,
(b) We can / the enemy planes / the approach of / if we know about / do this only
(c) We have / called Radar / of equipment / for this purpose / a special kind
(d) The Air Force / the enemy planes / by shooting down / can protect / our places
(a) When the enemy sends planes to attack, our planes must destroy the enemy planes.
(b) We can do this only if we know about the approach of the enemy planes.
(c) We have a special kind of equipment called Radar for this purpose.
(d) The Air Force can protect our places by shooting down the enemy planes.

2. Example : large quantities / of warm water / from the body / drinking / thus removing poisons / results in sweating.
Drinking large quantities of warm water results in sweating, thus removing poisons from the body.
(a) from the body / fasting also / removes / poisons
(b) every four hours / the fast / take liquids / during !
(c) the fast / grapes / is recommended / and oranges / during / juice of lemons
(d) may also / vegetable soup / your doctor / recommend
(a) Fasting also removes poisons from the body.
(b) Take liquids every four hours during the fast.
(c) Juice of lemons, grapes and oranges is recommended during the fast.
(d) Your doctor may also recommend vegetable soup.

3. Example : only 26 / of relativity, which / Albert Einstein is / for his / when he was / best known / he first advanced / theory
Albert Einstein is best known for his theory of relativity, which he first advanced when he was only 26.
(a) The theory / influence / of a / according to / bends / light / under the / ,
massive body
(b) during / this / put / was / to test / of 1919 / the eclipse
(c) light was / also predicted / the deflection / of surface / by Einstein
(a) According to the theory, light bends under the influence of a massive body.
(b) This was put to test during the eclipse of 1919.
(c) The deflection of surface light was also predicted by Einstein.

4. (a) people affected / can communicate / with limbs / with a paralytic stroke
(b) to answer / some can / their eyes / even blink
(c) due to extensive damage / is impossible / but in a few / even a small gesture
(a) People affected with a paralytic stroke can communicate with limbs.
(b) Some can even blink their eyes to answer.
(c) But in a few even a small gesture is impossible due to extensive damage.

5. (a) is / greait / training / key to / the / performance
(b) gets / the right / performance / training / the right
(c) are / some / paid people / best / trainers / why / that is
(a) The key to great performance is training.
Training is the great key to performance.
(b) The right training gets the right performance.
(c) That is why some trainers are best paid people.

Type V
Indirect Speech (Sentence Completion)

1. Read the conversation. Based on it is the paragraph below. Complete the paragraph.
Husband: Did you talk to the doctor ?
wife: Yes. It is important for you to rest.
Husband: Is it one or two ?
Wife: No.
Husband: Is it three or four ?
Wife: Yes.

Tom was admitted in a hospital with a complaint of tumour. He was resting. A few minutes later, he asked his wife (a) _______. She (b) _______. He asked her if it was one or two. She (c) _______. Finally he wanted to know if it (d) _______and she agreed with him.
(a) if she had talked to the doctor.
(b) replied in positive and told him to rest.
(c) replied in negative.
(d) was three or four.

2. Read the conversation given below and complete the report. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Child: I want to balloon, which I can release into the air.
Balloon man: Which colour balloon do you want?
Child: which colour balloon will take me up with it?
Balloon man: It is not the colour of the balloon; it is what is inside that makes it go

A child told a balloon man that (a) _______. The balloon man (b) _______. The child then (c) _______. The balloon man replied (d) _______.
(a) he wanted a balloon which he could release in air.
(b) asked,which colour balloon he wanted.
(c) asked which colour balloon would take him up with it.
(d) that it is not the colourjof the balloon, but what is inside that makes it go up.

3. Read the following dialogue and complete the paragraph below, using past tense. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
On the way from the market a mother and son see beggars on the sidewalk.
Son: Why are they asking for money, mummy ?
Mother: It is because they are poor, darling.
Son: Can’t we give them the fruits we have bought ?
Mother: We will give them money to buy whatever they choose.

On seeing the beggars the son (a) _______. When the mother replied that it was because they were poor, the boy wondered (b) _______. The mother replied that (c) _______.
(a) asked his mother why they were asking for money.
(b) why they couldn’t give them the fruits they had bought.
(c) they would give them money to buy whatever they chose.

4. Read the following conversation and complete the paragraph by writing suitable words and phrases in each space. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Captain: Do you know how to play cricket ?
Nitesh: Never had a chance to learn it.
Captain: In this school every student has to learn it.
Nitesh: Give me a chance

The captain asked Nitesh (a) _______. Nitesh replied (b) _______. The captain then told Nitesh (c) _______. Nitesh requested the captain (d) _______.
(a) if he knew how to play cricket.
(b) that he had never had a chance to learn it.
(c) that every student had to learn it in that school.
(d) to give him a chance.

5. Given below is a conversation between Neela and Suresh. Complete the dialogue with suitable words and phrases. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. Do not copy the whole sentence.
Neela: Hi, Suresh, How are you ?
Suresh: Life’s rather tough. I need a job.
Neela: What kind of a job are you interested in ?
Suresh: I am interested in administrative accounts.
Neela: Would you mind going abroad ?

Neela on meeting Suresh asked him how he was. Suresh replied that he was on the look out for a job. Neela (a) _______. Suresh told her that (b) _______. She enquired (c) _______.
(a) asked him what kind of a job he was interested in.
(b) he was interested in administrative accounts.
(c) if he would mind going abroad.

6. Read the conversation given below and complete the paragraph that follows. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Mother: I have washed the car for you today also.
Daughter: Thank you, Mom.
Mother: Now, do not drive fast, dear.
Daughter: I have to blow the car dry.

The mother told the daughter that (a) _______. The daughter (b) _______.The mother (c) _______. But the daughter contradicted by saying that (d) _______.
(a) she had washed the car for her that day also.
(b) thanked her mother.
(c) advised her not to drive fast then.
(d) she had to blow the car dry.

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