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CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing

1. The Brahmin and the Crooks
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 1
In a small village in India, there lived a Brahmin named Mitra. Once he went to a nearby village to visit a devotee. The devotee gave him a goat. The Brahmin decided to offer the goat as a sacrifice to the gods.
The Brahmin started his journey homewards. He carried the goat on his shoulders. Three crooks saw him. They made a plan to get the goat from the Brahmin.

The first crook stood in the Brahmin’s path. He said to him, “Ho Brahmin, why on earth are you carrying a profane dog on your shoulder ?” The Brahmin got angry. He said, “Are you blind ? Can’t you see that it’s a goat ?” The crook had played his part, and replied, “You may have it anyway you want.”

A little farther, the second crook approached and said, “Ho Brahmin, shame on you, why do you carry a dog ?” The Brahmin looked at him angrily, and he too went away. However, this time, the Brahmin had begun to doubt his own senses. After a while, the Brahmin met the third crook who said what the other two crooks had already said. The Brahmin threw his burden of the goat away and went ahead. The waiting crooks caught hold of the goat.
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 1.1

2. The Monkey and the Wedge
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 2
There was a temple in a garden. There were many carpenters who were doing some wood-work in the temple. They would start work in the morning, take a break for the mid-day meals, and return to resume work till evening.

One day a group of monkeys arrived at the site and watched the workers leaving for their mid-day meals. One of the carpenters was sawing a huge log of wood. Since it was only half done, he placed a wedge in between to prevent the log from closing up.

When all the workers were gone, the monkeys came down at the site. They started playing with the instruments. There was one monkey who got curious about the wedge. He sat down on the log so that he was between the two parts of the half split log. Then he started pulling at the wedge. All of a sudden, the wedge came out. As a result, the half split log closed in and the monkey got caught in the gap of the log. He died instantly.
One who interferes in others’ work, surely comes to grief.
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 2.1

3. The Stag and his Horns
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 3
In a dense forest, there lived a beautiful stag. He saw his reflection in the water. He admired his beautiful horns but felt sad for his thin ugly legs. He wondered why God gave him these legs with those horns.

Then he saw a pack of hounds coming towards him. He ran with all the force at his command. After a while, he slackened his speed as he was feeling safe. He became a little careless. The result was that his horns got entangled into some bushes. He could not free himself. Soon the hounds caught hold of him. While being killed, there was just one thought on his mind. “What I thought was ugly had saved my life but what I thought was beautiful, took my life”.

Handsome is that handsome does.
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 3.1

4. Climber Saves the Den
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 4
The wolf Starlight had left his den with his wife Aurora for a short time. Their three cubs were left in their den. When they returned, they were horrified to see a very big bear sitting at the mouth of their cave. The bear seemed to be relaxing and was in no mood to go away. Starlight and Aurora wanted to unite with their cubs but didn’t know how.

Their cub named Climber peeped out. He saw a fur clad mountain in the centre of his playground. He did not know what it was. All that he knew was that this mountain had no right to be there. So he decided to set the things right.

Climber shot from the mouth of the den. He hurled himself full into the old bear’s back. The big bear was completely taken by surprise. Uttering a grunt of terror, he fled.
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 4.1

5. The Cunning Mediator
A partridge lived in a certain tree. One day he went away with some more partridges in search of food. Then, a hare came to the tree. Seeing the empty hole, he made it his home.

After a few days, the partridge returned. He asked the hare to vacate. The hare did not yield. At last both of them decided to go to someone trustworthy to decide the case.

They came to a wild tomcat who pretended to be holy. They said, “Please decide according to the holy scriptures who is right. You may, then eat up the one who has sinned.”

The tomcat said that he had denounced violence. He would, therefore, not eat either of them and settle the dispute with the knowledge he had gained. Come close and explain the dispute. The partridge and the hare came close and sat explaining the reason of dispute. The tomcat killed both of them and made a meal out of them.
Beware of a rascal who pretends to be holy.
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 5

6. The Slave and the Lion
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 6
Martin was a slave. He was very unhappy as his master did not treat him well. So one day the slave ran away into the forest. In the forest, he saw a lion. The lion was crying with pain. Martin went near the lion. He saw a thorn in the lion’s foot. The slave took the thorn away. The lion stopped crying and went to his den. Martin moved ahead.

Martin was caught by his master’s men after about a month. The cruel master ordered that Martin be thrown before a hungry lion. The hungry lion was brought in a cage. From this cage, he was thrown into a deep pit. Martin had already been thrown there. The lion rushed at him but when it came close to Martin, he started licking his feet. It was the same lion who was relieved of the thorn and pain by Martin. The lion remembered the slave’s kindness and was now returning it.
Do good, find good.
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 6.1

7. A Farmer and his Sons
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 7
A farmer had good fertile fields. He had four sons also but he was very unhappy. It was because they would fight and quarrel among themselves. When he was on his death bed, he asked one of his sons to bring four sticks. Then he asked his second son to tie them in a bundle. The son did so. The farmer asked his third son to give the bundle to the fourth. Now the farmer asked the fourth son to break it. The son tried his best but could not break the bundle. One by one, each of the four sons tried to break the bundle but in vain.

Now the farmer asked his sons to untie the bundle. He gave each of them a stick and asked them to break it. They easily did so. The farmer asked his sons to learn a lesson from it. As long as they were united, no one could cause them any harm.
Union is strength.
CBSE Class 7 English Story Writing 7.1

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