NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 12 Changing Times

Find Out and Write
Talk to any one of your grandparents or any other elderly person. Find out, when she or he was eight-nine years old
1. Where did she or he live?
Ans. He lived in a village.

2. From what material was her or his house made?
Ans. His house was made of thatched bamboo, wood, straw and mud.

3. Did they have a toilet in their house?
Ans. Yes, they had toilet in their house.

4. In which part of the house was food cooked?
Ans. Their food was cooked in the verandah which was separated by a wall.

5. A lot of mud was used when Chetandas’ house was made. Why?
Ans. Because a thick layer of mud protects the house from cold and heat.

A Changing House
Chetandas tells that people from the basti used to come to clean the toilets and take away the waste. They were not allowed to enter the house.
1. The people who used the toilets did not clean them. Discuss.
Ans. The people who used the toilet did not clean them, because they thought that that was a dirty job. Hence, people from basti used to come to clean the toilets and take away the waste.

2. Is there a toilet in your house? Who cleans it?
Ans. Yes, there are toilets in my house. We clean them.

1. What material have been used in making your house?
Ans. Bricks, cement, sand, concrete, wood and iron rod have been used in making my house. .

2. Find out the material from which your friend’s house is made? Is there any difference? Write about it.
Ans. The houses of my friends are also made with cement, sand, bricks and iron rods. There is no difference.

3. What kind of house do you think Chetandas’ grandchildren will live in?
Ans. They will live in the skyscrapers made with iron and cement.

4. Where would you like to live when you grow up?
Ans. I would like to live in a metropolitan city.

5. What kind of house would you like?
Ans. I would like to live in a bungalow.

6. You had written about the things that your grandparent’s house was made of. Has some of the same kind of material been used in your house? Name them.
Ans. No those materials has not been used in my house except the wooden doors and windows.

7. People are given names according to the work they do. For example, a person who works with wood is called a carpenter.
(a) In your place, what do you call a person who works with wood?
Ans. He is known as a Badhai.
Now, look at the picture and fill in the table.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 12 Changing Times Page 102 Q7

8.What kind of work is being done by different people here? What tools are they shown using in the picture? Write them in the given table.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 12 Changing Times Page 102 Q8
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 12 Changing Times Page 102 Q8.1

1. Do you know people who do these types of work?
Ans. Yes, I know some people who work as mason, electrician and plumber.

2. Talk to them and find out about their work. Discuss it with your friends.
Ans. Do it yourself.
With your teacher or someone from home, go to a place where a building is being constructed. Talk to the people working there and find out answers to these questions.

3. What is being built there?
Ans. A big mall is being built there.

4. How many people are working there?
Ans. About 500 hundred people are working there.

5. What kind of work are they doing?
Ans. Engineers were supervising the work, masons were pouring the cement on roofs and lintels, some people were carrying the materials from one place to another. Some are operating the cranes and other machines.

6. How many men and women are working there?
Ans. 400 men and 100 women are working there.

7. Are any children working there? What are they doing?
Ans. No, children are not working there.

8. How much money do these people get paid daily? Ask from any three different people about this.
Carpenter – Rs 2507/-
Mason – Rs 2507/-
Helper – Rs 2507/-
Crane operator – Rs 5007/-
Foreman – Rs 400//-

9. Where do these people live?
Ans. Some of them live in the tents near the construction place, while some come from their residences.

10. What are the materials being used for making the building?
Ans. Wood, cement, sand, iron rods, bricks, stone chips, etc.

11. Try and guess how many trucks of bricks and bags of cement will be used for making the building.
Ans. About 100,000 bags of cement and 5000 trucks of bricks would be used for making the mall building.

12. How do the material reach the building site? ‘
(By truck, handcart, any other vehicle) List them.
Ans. All materials reach the building site by trucks, tempo, etc.

13. Find out the price of
• One bag of cement
• One brick
• One truck of sand
Ans. The price are given here
• One bag of cement : Rs 265/-
• One brick : Rs 4/-
• One truck of sand : Rs 5000/-

1. Ask a few other questions and write their answers: .
(а) How much sand is mixed with cement?
Ans. Five bags of sand is mixed with one bag of cement.
(b) Who makes the map of buildings?
Ans. An architect makes the map of buildings.
(c) Why cranes are used at construction sites?
Ans. To lift heavy objects.

2. Over the sixty years, different materials were used at different times in Chetandas’ house. List these in the correct order.
(a) Mud, bamboo, straw, ropes
(b) Wood, nut and bolt, bamboo, iron rods
(c) Cement, sand, iron rods, wood
(d) Cement, sand, iron rods, marbles, plastics

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