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NCERT  Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 10 Hu Tu Tu Hu Tu Tu

1. When you play Kabaddi, how many players do you have in a team?
Ans. There are 8 players in a team.

2. How many players got out when Shyamala touched the line?
Ans. All 8 players got out.

3. When you have an argument or fight during a game, what do you all do to solve the problem?
Ans. We try to remain calm and peaceful and obey the umpire or referee. We hear all sides and show sportsmanship.

The Game of Kabaddi
1. Try to hold your breath and keep saying Kabaddi- Kabaddi. How many times could you say it?
Ans. I could say ‘Kabaddi-Kabaddi’ about 20 to 30 times.

2. How many times can you say it, while you are playing Kabaddi? Is there any difference?
Ans. I can say it about 15 to 25 times. Yes, there is a difference of 5 to 10 counts.

3. Make a picture in your notebook to show how Shyamala managed to get the entire opposite team ‘out’ in one go?
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 10 Hu Tu Tu Hu Tu Tu Page 80 Q3

4. What does it mean to be out in games? When does one get out in Kabaddi?
Ans. To be out in a game means that ‘out’ player will not be allowed to continue to play in the game for the time being. There are three ways to get out in Kabaddi:
(а) If he is stopped by the opposition players while on his move.
(b) If he touches opposition player and the opposition team could not stop him
(c) If he loses breath. _

5. In some games it is very important to touch the player. For example in the game of Kho-Kho, you get out when someone touches you. You also get your turn by someone’s touch. Name some games in which it is very important to touch the players.
Ans. Some of these games are Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Chhupa-chhupai, arm wrestling, hide and seek etc.

6. In Kabaddi, the entire team was out, because Shyamala had touched the line. What are some other game in which, the central line is very important?
Ans. Tug of war, football, hockey etc.

7. In Kabaddi, the entire team was ‘out’ because Shyamala had touched the line. What are some other games in which, besides the players you have to touch some things or colours?
Ans. Touching a thing: Kho-Kho
Touching a colour: Colour race

Remembering Those Days
1. Have you learnt any game from a coach? Which one?
Ans. I learnt football and cricket from coaches.

2. Do you know of anyone who has learnt any game from a coach?
Ans. Some of my friends are learning cricket.
3. How does a coach teach? How does a coach make a player practice? How hard do you think the players have to work?
Ans. A coach teaches the tricks of game to the players. A coach always encourages and tells the benefits of practice and convinces the player to do practice. He teaches the game methodically.
Players have to work very hard. They have to get up early in the morning and do practice for long hours.

4. Have you ever thought of making a club for your favourite game?
Ans. Yes I am thinking of making a club for football.

5. Imagine that there are 15 children to play Kho-Kho. They must form two teams with equal numbers (7 each). Then one player will be left. What will you do if this happens? Have you ever become the ‘extra person’ in the middle? Write about this.
Ans. I will make two teams consisting of seven players each and the remaining one player will be the referee.
Yes, once I was the extra person in a football match.

6. Every game has some rules. The game is played according to those rules. Let us see what happens if the rules are changed. For example-In cricket, a batsman gets ‘out’, if the bails fall off the stumps. Imagine if there is a rule that the entire team will be ‘out’, if all the three stumps fall. Would it be fun!
Ans. New rules are always made. Playing a game such as cricket with new rules may give extra fun to both the players and the spectators

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