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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Changing Families

1. Who were the members of Nimmi’s family before the arrival of her baby sister?
Ans. Father, mother, grandmother and uncle.

2. How many members are there in Nimmi’s family now?
Ans. Now there are six members in Nimmi’s family.

Let Us Talk
3. How do you think the lives of Nimmi’s family members have changed after the arrival of the new baby? For example:
(a) How will Nimmi spend her day now?
Ans. She will spend her day playing with new born baby.
(b) What new work will her mother do now?
Ans. To look after the new baby will be the new work for her mother now.
(c) There will be a change in the daily work of Nimmi’s father, grandmother and uncle with the arrival of the new baby. Can you tell how?
Ans. Nimmi’s father, grandmother and uncle will have to play with new baby and will have to look after her also. As Nimmi’s mother would be busy with the baby, the other members will have to help her more.

1. Has a small brother or sister been born in your home or in any house in your neighbourhood?
Ans. Yes a small baby was born in my neighbourhood.
(a) How does it feel to have a new baby at home?
Ans. All are very happy.
(b) How have things changed at home with the new baby?
Ans. Everyone has become very happy in the family. Everyone has started planning about the new member. Some of the work which the mother did before, has to be done by other members.

2. Find out all about the youngest child in your home or in the home of a relative. Then write-
(a) When was the baby born?
Ans. It was born about two week back.
(b) Is the baby a boy or a girl?
Ans. The newly born baby is a girl.
(c) How are you related to him or her?
Ans. I am her neighbour.
(d) Where was the baby born?
Ans. The baby was born in the hospital.
(e) Who does the baby look like?
Ans. The baby looks like her mother.
(f) What is the colour of his or her hair? 
Ans. The colour of her hair is black.
(g) What is the colour of his or her eyes?
Ans. She has black eyes.
(h) Does the baby have any teeth?
Ans. No, she does not have any tooth.
(i) What is the baby’s length?
Ans. Her length is about two feet.
(j) How many hours a day does the baby sleep?
Ans. She sleeps for more than fourteen hours.
(k) What different sounds does the baby make?
Ans. She cries and produces various types of sounds.
(1) Who does the baby stay with most of the time?
Ans. Most of the time she stays with her mom.
(m) Stick a photograph of the baby or draw a picture in your notebook.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Changing Families Page 68 Q2

New Place
1. When Tsering’s father showed the letter to his family, how do you think the different members would have felt?
Ans. All family members were happy as Tsering’s father got promotion. Tsering was also very happy because he would have to go to a new town. But Tsering’s father, mother and grandparents were slightly anxious as they had to make all the arrangements in a new town.

2. What will change in Tsering’s family after his father’s transfer? For example-
(a) Who from Tsering’s family will live with his father at the new place?
Ans. Tsering, his sister and his mother will live with his father at the new place.
(b) Which school will Tsering go now?
Ans. Tsering will go to a new school now.
(c) Will he have new friends?
Ans. Yes, in new school Tsering will have new friends.
(d) Has anybody in your family moved to a new place because of work?
Ans. Yes my uncle moved to Delhi because of his work.
(e) What do you feel about this change?
Ans. It is natural. A person has to change his place because of work. We should feel very happy as we get opportunity to visit a new place.

3. Is there anyone in your class or school who has come to your school from another place? If so, talk to him or her.
Ans. Last month one of the boys in my class came from another town. ‘
(а) Where has she or he come from?
Ans. He came from Madhya Pradesh.
(b) What was his or her old school like?
Ans. His old school was good and he had lot of friends.
(c) What does he or she find different here?
Ans. He finds everything new here. New people, new friends, etc. make him feel excited.
(d) Does he or she like the change?
Ans. Yes, he likes the change.

It’s a Wedding
Let us Talk
1. Do you think that there will be any change in Nazli’s family after this wedding?
What will change?
Ans. Yes there will be change in Nazli’s family after this wedding. A new member will start teTftve with Nazli’s family. Nazli will get a new sister-in-law.

2. Do you thirds there will be changes in the home from where the new bride has come? Whatkind of changes?
Ans. Yes. They will get a new family member as bridegroom. But they have to see off their daughter.

Talk to your mother and aunts in the family.
1. Ask them about where they lived before they got married.
Ans. They lived with their parents before marriage.

2. Who were the members in their families then?
Ans. In my mother’s family, she, her father, her mother, her two brothers, one sister and one uncle lived together before her marriage.

3. Has anybody in your family been married recently? Who?
Ans. Yes my uncle got married recently in my family.

4. Talk to your classmates and write all about what happens during weddings in I their families.
Ans. A new member came in their family. All of them enjoyed a lot on the eve of marriage.

5. What kind of special food is cooked?
Ans. Sweets, pulao, puri, five types of vegetables were cooked on the eve of marriage.

6. What special clothes do the bride and bridegroom wear?
Ans. The bridegroom wore Shervani and pagri. The bride wore lahnga and choli with red dupatta. ,

7. What kinds of songs and dances are performed at weddings?
Ans. On the eve of weddings traditional, folk and modern songs and dances are performed.

8. What did you see at the wedding that you attended?
Ans. House and pandals were decorated with flowers and lights. Lot of sweets and varieties of food were made. All of the family members were dancing and enjoying themselves at the marriage. Colourful fireworks were arranged. Everyone wore new clothes.
Draw some pictures in your notebook. Then look at the pictures drawn by your classmates.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Changing Families Page 72 Q8

1. Write down the reasons for these changes
(a) In Nimmi’s family—
Ans. The change happened because of the birth of a new baby. The got a new family member.
(b) In Tsering’s family—
Ans. Tsering’s father got a promotion and was transferred to a new town. Tsering’s family enjoyed a new town along with the new challenges.
(c) In Nazli’s family—
Ans. A new bride came to Nazli’s family. She was Nazli’s sister-in-law.

2. There-can be many reasons for changes in families. Can you think of some more reasons?
Ans. Changes happen in families because of several reasons. Some of the reasons of changes are—
• Birth of a new child.
• Marriage of a family member.
• Transfer of a family member to other place because of work.
• Getting a good job by a family member.
• Getting admission in a good school or college by a family member.

3. Talk to three old people-one from your family, one from your friend’s family and one from a family in your neighbourhood. Ask them these questions and fill in the table.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Changing Families Page 73 Q3
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Changing Families Page 73 Q3.1

My Family-Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…
1.All families change in some way or the other because of different reasons. Has your family changed too?
Ans. Yes. There have been changes in my family too.

2. When your grandmother and grandfather were children like you, was your family just like it is today?
Ans. No, it was different from today. There were more family members who lived together. They used to live in a village.

3.You had also drawn a family tree of your own family? Let us again draw the family tree of last year in your notebook.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Changing Families Page 74 Q3

4. Ask your grandmother or grandfather how many members were there in their family when they were your age? Then draw a family tree in your notebook of their family when they were young.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Changing Families Page 74 Q4

5. Can you see yourself, your brother or your sister, your mother or your father, anywhere in this family tree?
Ans. No, I cannot see myself, my sister and my mother in this family tree.

6. Now draw a family tree of your present family in your notebook.
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Changing Families Page 74 Q6

NCERT PAGE NUMBER 75 Going Back to School
1. Upto which class do you want to study?
Ans. I want to study upto Bachelor of Engenering degree.

2. Upto which class have your parents studied?
Ans. Both got Masters degree.

3. Till which class did your grandmother get a chance to study?
Ans. She was a graduate.

4. At what age did your grandmother get married?
Ans. She got married at the age of 16.

5. Have you heard of a Law that talks about the ages before which girls and boys must not get married?
Ans. Yes. Before the age of 21, boys must not get married, and before the age of 18, girls must not get married

Find Out and Write
1. Are there any such children in your neighbourhood who had to drop out of school? Do they want to go back to school?
Ans. There are no children in my neighbourhood who had to drop out of school. All are studying.

2. What are they doing these days?
Ans. In my neighourhood all children are studying.

3. Has anybody in your family got married recently? Who?
Ans. My uncle got married recently.

4. sWhat was the age of the bride and the groom?
Ans. The age of the bride was 22 and the age of the groom was 25.

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