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NCERT  Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grand Mother’s House

1. Omana travelled by different kinds of transport after she got down from the train. Can you remember what these were?
Ans. The transports were autorikshaw, bus and ferry.

2. On which vehicles have you travelled? ‘
Ans. I have travelled by train, bus, autorikshaw, tonga, bullock-cart, boat, bicycle, scooter, car, taxi, ship, metro, aeroplane etc.

3. Which ride did you enjoy the most?
Ans. I enjoyed the train ride the most.

4. Omana left Ahmadabad on 16th May. How many hours did it take for her to reach Ammumma’s place?
Ans. Omana left Ahmadabad at 11:45 am on 16th May and reached Ammumma’s place at 11:30 pm on 17th may. It took 36 hours.

5. Have you ever been on a long journey? Where did you go? .
Ans. I have been on a long journey which lasted more than 24 hours. I went from my hometown to Delhi.

6. Name the different kinds of transport that you used during the journey.
Ans. I used autorikshaw, train and taxi.

1. How long did your journey take?
Ans. My journey was more than 24 hours long.

2. Omana’s Appa bought tickets for the train and the bus. Can you think of other means of transport for which we need to buy tickets?
Ans. We need to buy ticket for air journey, steamers and for metro rail.

3. Sometimes we need to buy tickets to enter a place. Can you think of such places?
Ans. We need to buy a ticket to enter cinema hall, circus, zoo, etc.

4. Look at this picture of a railway ticket. Find the following information on the ticket and circle them with different colours:
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grand Mother's House Page 64 Q2
(a) The train number (b) The date of the start of the journey
(c) The berth number (d) The fare (the cost of the ticket).
(a) Train number-9037
(b) The date of the start of the journey-24-12-2006
(c) The berth number-21, 22 and 23
(d) The fare (the cost of the ticket)-Rs 2578/- (Two thousand five hundred seventy eight only)
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grand Mother's House Page 64 Q2.1

1.Write what other information you can find out from the ticket.
(a) PNR Number-820-6449755
(b) Number of Adults-2
(c) Number of children-1
(d) Class-2 AC
(e) Coach Number-Al
(f) Ticket from-Bandra Terminus
(g) Ticket upto-Ratlam Junction
(h) Kilometer-643
(i) Ticket number-68250918
(j) Boarding-24-2-2006
(k) Train Name—Avadh Express
(l) Train departure time-14:36

2. The time table of 6335 NAGARCOIL EXPRESS is given here. Look carefully at it and answer the following questions:
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grand Mother's House Page 63 Q4

 Circle the names of all the stations in the table that are mentioned in Omana’s diary
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grand Mother's House Page 63 Q4.1

3. From which station did the train start?
Ans. The train started from Gandhidham.

4. How many minutes did the train stop at Ahmedabad station?
Ans. Train stopped for 20 minutes at Ahmedabad station.

5. On which day of the journey did the train reach Madgaon?
Ans. The train reached Madgaon on the second day.

6.Sunil and Ann got off at Kozhikode station. Omana got off at Kottayam station. How many hours does it take for the train to reach from Calicut to Kottayam?
Ans. The train takes 6 hours to reach from Khozikode to Kottayam.

7. What is the distance that the train travelled over the whole route?
Ans. Train travels 2649 km over the whole route.

8. How many kilometers did Omana travel by train.
Ans. Omana travelled 2418 km by train.

9. From the information that you have, can you calculate the average speed of the train?
Ans. The average speed of the train is 44.52 km per hour.

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