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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 22 The World In My Home

Let Us Talk
1. In your home too, do people quarrel over fans, TV, newspapers, chairs or anything else?
Ans. Yes, in my house also, me and my sister quarrel over TV.

2. In your home, who settles such quarrels?
Ans. We ourselves set such quarrels.

3. Talk about an interesting incident at home when there was a quarrel over such things.
Ans. Once, when a cricket match was coming, I had to watch the cricket match but my sister wanted to watch her favourite

4. cartoon show. For that we had a quarrel. Have you ever seen people quarrelling over something elsewhere? What?
Ans. I have seen several times when people were quarreling over many small things. Like once, when I was going by train, two people were quarreling over sitting near the window.

Why the Difference?
It is 7 o’clock in the evening. Pratibha is hurrying home from her friend’s house. Her brothers Sandeep and Sanjay are busy playing round the corner with their friends. They are in no hurry to go home. Even if they are late, nobody will scold them.
Pratibha thinks that this is not fair. Why should there be one rule for her and another for her brothers? But what can she do?
Let Us Talk
1. Does this kind of thing happen in your house or in any of your friend’s house? What do you think about this?
Ans. This kind of thing does not happen either in my or my friends’ house. But this type of things is discrimination between boys and girls. I also think this is not fair.

2. Do you think that there should be different rules for girls and boys, women and men?
Ans. No, rules should be the same for women and men.

3. Think-what would happen if girls had to follow rules made for boys and boys had to follow rules made for girls.
Ans. If it happens, everything will become a mess.

Pillo Aunty 
1. If you were to write a different ending for this story, how will you end it?
Ans. Kulfi seller became too much happy, and he offered one kulfi as gift but Pillo Aunty did not accept the gift.

2. Is there anyone in your family who is like Pillo Aunty? Who?
Ans. Yes, my mom. She always teaches us not to be dishonest in any situation.

3. What would the children have thought if Pillo Aunty had paid less money to the kulfi-seller? What do you think about this?
Ans. Children would have thought that Pillo Aunty was dishonest. I too think so.

Talk About It
1. What do you think Akshay will do?
Ans. Akshay will drink water.

2. Why was Akshay confused?
Ans. Because his grandmother always forbade him to do so.

3. Why do you think Akshay’s grandmother warned him not to drink even water in Anil’s house?
Ans. Because their cultures were different.

4. Do you know of anybody who thinks like Akshay’s grandmother?
Ans. Yes, one of my friend’s grandmother.

5. Do you agree with Akshay’s grandmother?
Ans. No, I don’t agree with Akshay’s grandmother.

6. What do you think Akshay should do?
Ans. Akshay should drink water.

Talk About It
1. If you were in Dhondu’s place what would you do?
Ans. I would do like Dhondu did.

2. Has it ever happened with you that you wanted to do something but the elders in the family did not allow you?
Ans. Yes, they did so when my decision was wrong.

3. Who takes important decisions in your family? What do you feel about this?
Ans. Usually my parents take important decisions in my family jointly. I feel they are right. ,

4. How would you like if only one person made all the decisions for your family?
Ans. I would like that he should get others’ opinion also.

Talk About It
1. Have you ever disliked anybody’s touch? Whose touch did you dislike?
Ans. Yes, sometimes. When I travelled in a bus or train I dislike if someone touches me.

2. If you were in Ritu’s place, what would you do?
Ans. I would go to Meena’s home.

3. What else can be done when such things happen? Discuss.
Ans. One should discuss it with one’s parents.

4. Everybody’s touch is not the same. Ritu did not like it when Meena’s uncle held her hand, but she liked to hold Meena’s hand. Why do you think there was this difference?
Ans. Some people do not like all people that is why this type of differences are seen.


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