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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 13 A Shelter So High!


Find Out
1.Check in your map. Which state? would one pass through while travelling from Mumbai to Kashmir?
Ans. While travelling from Mumbai to Kashmir; one would pass through Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

2.Gaurav Jani passed through several states while going from Mumbai to Delhi. Find the capital cities of these states. Was there any other big town on his way?
Ans. Gaurav Jani passed through several states. Their capital cities are as follows: Maharashtra: Mumbai Gujarat: Gandhinagar Rajasthan: Jaipur Haryana: Chandigarh
Some of the big cities on his way could be Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, etc.

3.Is Manali a plain or hilly area? In which state is it?
Ans. Manali is a hilly area and is in Himachal Pradesh.

1.Have you ever stayed in a tent? Where? What was it like?
Ans. Yes, I had stayed in a tent when I was on a camping trip to Kullu. It was a great adventurous experience for me.

2.Imagine that you were to stay alone in a small tent for two days and could take with you only ten things. Make a list of those ten things.
Ans. If I were to stay alone in a small tent for two days; I will take following 10 things with me;
Clothes, sweater, blanket, torch, packaged food, water, stove, mosquito repellant, shoes and camera.

3.What are the different types of houses that you have seen? Tell your friends about it. Make drawings too.
Ans. I have seen different types of houses at different places. Following is the list of some houses:
(a) Thatched hut; made of dry leaves and mud walls.
(b) Pucca house; made of brick and cement.
(c) Stilt houses; made on bamboo stilts.

1.During winters, Tashi and his family live on the ground floor. Why would they be doing so?
Ans. There are no windows on the ground floor. This would keep the room warm even during winters. That is why Tashi and his family live on the ground floor; during winters.

2.What is the roof of your house like? What all is the roof used for?
Ans. The roof of my house is flat and is made of bricks and cement. We use the roof for drying clothes and also for drying potato chips, papad, baid, aam papad, etc. During summers we also sleep on the rooftop.

Find Out
1.At what height is the place where you live?
Ans. I am living in Delhi. It is situated at a height of 220 metres above the sea level.

2.Why did Gaurav Jani say—“This place is so high that it is difficult to breathe normally?”
Ans. The air becomes thinner when go to high altitudes. The level of oxygen in air becomes less. Hence, it becomes difficult to breathe. One needs to apply lot of effort to breathe in at high altitudes.

3.Have yolu ever been to a hilly place? Where?
Ans. Yes, I have been to Kullu which is a hilly place.

4.At what height was it? Did you have any difficulty in breathing there?
Ans. Kullu is about 2000 metres from the sea level. Yes, I found it difficult to breathe when I was there.

5.Which is the highest place you have been to?
Ans. The highest place I have been to is Rohtangpass. It is about 4000 metres from the sea level.

6.For the Changpas their animals are a very important part of their life. Is any animal part of your life? For example; as a pet, or as helpers in farming. List five ways in which different animals are a part of your life.
Ans. I have a pet dog which is an important part of my life. Five ways in which animals can be important part of our lives are as follows:
1.Dog: Dogs are the best friend of men. They protect our house.
2.Cow: Cow is an important source of milk.
3.Buffalo: Buffalo is an important sourcejrf milk.
4.Bullock: Bullock is used for farming activities and for pulling bullock carts.
5.Horse: Horse is often used for pulling carts.

Find Out
1.You read that in Changthang the temperature drops below 0°C. Look at newspaper or on the TV to find cities in India or abroad where the temperature drops below 0°C. In which months do you expect to see this?
Ans. There are many cities in India where the temperature drops below 0°C, e.g. Shimla, Ladakh, Leh, etc. Outside India; places which get sub zero temperatures are Ottawa, Minnesota, etc.
This happens during the months of December and January.

1.The houses in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir are made to suit the climate and the needs of the people there.
• Are there different types of houses in the place where you live? If yes, think about the reasons.
Ans. Yes, there are different types of houses in my city. There are multi-storeyed buildings which suit the budget of the middle class people. There are bungalows which are preferred by rich people. There are houses made of tin roofs and tin walls which suit the budget of poor labourers.

2.Think of your own house. Is there something special in it—like a sloping roof as it rains a lot, or a courtyard where you can sleep when it is hot or where things are kept in the sun (for drying, etc.).? Make a drawing.
Ans. Yes, my house has two big balconies. We use the balconies for sitting and also for drying many things. The balcony gives proper ventilation and natural light to the rooms.

3.What are the materials used for making your house? Is it mud, brick, stone, wood or cement?
Ans. The materials used in myjiouse are; brick, cement, wood and iron.

Discuss and Write
1.Can you guess the similarities and differences in the life of Bakarwal people and the life of the Changpas?
Ans. Similarities between Bakarwals and Changpas:
1. Both of them live in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir.
2. Both of them keep on wandering from one place to another.
3. They are dependent on animals like goat, yak, sheep, etc.
4. They earn their livelihood by selling the wool obtained from these animals.
Differences between Bakarwals and Changpas:
1. Bakarwals graze any type of goat and sheep at any place. But Changpas graze special type of goat at high altitude. The goats of Changpas develop more and softer hair at high altitudes.
2. Bakarwals stay at lower altitudes also, while Changpas stay at higher altitudes.

What We Have Learnt
1.Describe how these shelters suit the needs of the people who live there.
Ans. I have read about different types of houses in Jammu and Kashmir. Each type suits the needs of its occupants. The houseboat and donga is a complete house on the boat. Every facility is available in the houseboat which gives comfort to its occupants. The houses made of stone and wood provide good insulation during cold weather. Tent house, used by Changpas, are good for the wandering lifestyle of the people.

2.How are these different from the house you live in? 
Ans. Our houses are made from bricks and cement and are ideal for moderate weather. Unlike the tent houses of Changpas, our houses are immovable. These are permanent and strong houses.

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