NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 14 When The Earth Shook!


Discuss and Write
1.Have you or anyone that you know ever faced such difficulty?
Ans. Yes, my uncle lives in Sikkim and he had witnessed the earthquake last year.

2.Who all helped at such a time? Make a list.
Ans. Many people help at such times. Some examples are given below:
(a) Neighbours help each other.
(b) People from bigger cities come for help.
(c) Local leaders
(d) Political leaders
(e) Various non-government organisations
(f) Doctors and nurses of the nearby hospitals
(g) Some shopkeepers.

1.A lot of people from other places came to Jasma’s village. Who were these people? In what ways would they have helped the villagers?
Ans. Many people came from cities to Jasma’s village. Some of them may have been from non-government organisations. Some of them were scientists. Some of them may have been doctors and medical personnel.
They would have helped by bringing in the much needed relief. They brought food, clothes, medicines, etc. The scientists wanted to identify areas which were more prone to getting earthquakes. They also wanted to build houses which would not have been damaged in case of an earthquake.

2.people in Jasma’s village rebuilt their houses with suggestions from the engineers. Will these houses be safer than before in case there is an earthquake again? Why?
Ans. People in Jasma’s village rebuilt their houses with suggestions from, the engineers. The engineers gave suggestions to build houses so that there would be least damage in case of an earthquake. So, these houses would be safer in case there is an earthquake again.

3.Think, if there were an earthquake where you live, would your house be in danger? What kind of damage could take place?
Ans. In case of an earthquake in my area, my house would definitely be in danger. The walls can develop cyacks and in the worst case roofs can collapse. Household items like TV, fridge, etc. would also be damaged. There is a risk of fire also.

1.Compare your house with that of Jasma. List in your notebook what materials were used in making both the houses.
Ans. Materials used in Jasma’s House: Clay, cowdung, mirror, etc.
Materials used in my house: Bricks, cement, iron, wood, etc.

2.Have you been told in your school or anywhere else about what to do in case of an earthquake?
Ans. Yes, there was a drill on what to do in case of an earthquake. We were told to go to an open area. If someone is unable to go to an open area then he was taught to hide under a table and hold it firmly.

3.Why do you think one should go under a table during an earthquake?
Ans. In case of the collapse of house during an earthquake, the table can save a person from injury. Hence, one should go under a table during an earthquake.

1.According to the TV report, thousands of people were injured and some died in Gujarat. If the buildings had been made in a way that they would not fall in the earthquake, would the damage have been different? How?
Ans. People do not die because of earthquake but they die or get injured because of house collapse. So, if the buildings are made earthquake proof then there will be least damage in case of an earthquake.

2.At times like this, when people have lost their homes and all their belongings, what kind of help would they need?
Ans. At such times people would need following help:
(a) Tent/canvas to prepare huts
(b) Clothes, food, water, milk and medicines.

3.In such situations whose help would be needed and for what? Write in your notebook as shown here.
NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 14 When The Earth Shook! Write Q3

1.Have you ever seen peaple in your area helping each other? When?
Ans. Yes, I have seen people in my area helping each other. There was flood in my village and everybody helped each other during the flood.

2.Why do people live together in a neighbourhood?
Ans. People live together in a neighbourhood so that they can help each other during the times of crisis. They also live together so that they can share their happiness with each other.

3.Imagine, living in a place where there were no other houses or people around. How would it be? For example, whom would you play with? With whom would you celebrate festivals and special days? Would you be scared?
Ans. It will definitely be a scary situation. I will have nobody to play with. Festivals and special days would be boring if I will have to celebrate them all alone.

Your News Report
1.Make your own report which mentions the following:
(a) Cause of the disaster, date and time.
(b) What kind of damage did it cause—to lives, belongings, livelihoods?
(c) Which people came forward to help? Which government offices or other groups?
Ans.Gangtok 10th October, 2011
A massive earthquake rocked this tiny hilly town late in the night. Many houses collapsed. There were measure fire because of short circuit and gas leak.
Till last report, 9 people have died and 30 are injured. Many people have lost their homes and are at the mercy of relief agencies.
The army was called in to start the rescue operations. People from Red Cross also came to provide help. Some national level leaders came the very next day and announced a relief package for the place.

2.Have people in your area ever got affected by famine or drought? Find such reports of different countries from newspapers. Make your own report.
Ans. Orissa hit by severe drought in July 2001.
Orissa has been receiving less than normal rainfall for the last three consecutive years. More than 1,000 villages have been affected by drought. There is no foodgrain production in this area. Even the fodder has become a luxury for cattle. More than 10,000 people have been affected by the drought. There have been several reports of starvation deaths.
The Prime Minister has announced a massive relief package. The package will ensure that food will be distributed free among the affected. Drinking water would be made available in the area. The government is thinking to make a canal on lines of the cahal which was made in Rajasthan. More rainwater harvesting structures will be built so that groundwater can be recharged.

3.You may need some help from these in case of an accident or emergency. Find out and write their addresses and phone numbers. Add more names to this list.
NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 14 When The Earth Shook! Your News Report Q3

Difficult Times
1.Write a report with the help of the following words:
Floods, river water, injured people, food packets, rescue work, camps, dead bodies, dead animals floating in water, houses under water, aerial survey (to see the scene of disaster from a plane), sad people, diseases spread by dirty water, homeless people, trapped people.
Ans.                                                                                                                                  Purnea August 20xx
The Kosi has changed its course dramatically in the district of Purnea. As a result the river water has engulfed hundreds of villages. Many people died and many others had to flee from their homes. Dead bodies of humans and animals could be seen floating around, when the Chief Minister of the state undertook an aerial survey. Many camps have been set up for those who have become homeless. People who are still trapped in floods are being rescued by a team from Air Force and Navy. Food packets Eire being continuously dropped for people who are taking shelter on highways and at other high places. The Chief Minister has announced a relief package for each affected family.

What We Have Learnt
1.What type of difficulties are faced by people during floods? Look at the picture, what kind of a school have the children come to after the flood? Write down what people had to do to make their life normal again after the flood.
Ans. Following difficulties are faced by people during floods:
(а) Many people lose their near and dear ones.
(b) Many people get injured.
(c) There is huge loss of property.
(d) Crops and houses get destroyed.
(e) A large number of cattle dies.
(f) There is acute shortage of drinking water.
(g) Road and rail network is badly damaged.
(h) Water borne epidemics spread in the affected area.

After the flood, children are forced to study in a makeshift school.

  •  People have to start from scratch to make their life normal.
  • Cleaning the house and submerged goods is the first measure task after the flood water recedes.
  • Many people may have to start an altogether new occupation to earn money.
  • People have to rebuild their diouses.
  • They have to arrange for safer drinking water.
  • Government has restore the rail and road network as quickly as possible.

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