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Class 11 Political Science Notes Chapter 1 Political Theory: An Introduction

  • Political theory has been made one of the sub fields with the rise of political science as a subject.
  • Political theory is the study of the state from the philosophical and empirical point of view.
  • Political theory manages an understanding between the persons and the state and sort out the ways to improve the shortcomings.
  • A political theory can be referred to as a combination of thoughts, philosophies and sciences or arts.
  • Politics is referred to struggle for power to maintain relationship between power and authority which is a desire of an act of will.
  • Political theory deals with how the present has come and on what assumptions, it may stay and in future, what it will lead.
  • India is a free country where issues concerning freedom, equality and democracy arise from time to time and implemented also by the intervention of the state.
  • As freedom has been guaranteed by the constitution, still many discriminatory issues are raised and encountered with the interpretations of the state.
  • Along with the changes in time and periods, people’s aspirations and needs are also changed and new dimensions are discovered as well.
  • Political theories debate and examine the diverse meaning and opinions in a systematic manner and easily to be understood by the ordinary peoples.

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