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Class 11 Political Science Notes Chapter 2 Freedom

  • Freedom is a liberty to do whatever a person likes to do or a positive power of doing and enjoying the worth of work.
  • Freedom has the two aspects, i.e. positive and negative.
  • Positive freedom refers to those rights which do not reach any harm to others if enjoyed as well essential for an individual’s development.
  • Negative freedom implies the absence of any restraints on freedom.
  • Freedom can be classified as natural freedom, civil freedom, political freedom, economic freedom, religious freedom, individual freedom, etc.
  • Various safeguards have been provided for freedom, i.e. democratic setup, equal rights for all, economic security constitutional provisions, etc.
  • Freedom of expression require non-interference or should not be restricted because it is a fundamental value to be possessed by the people.
  • Though, a number of times, the demands have been raised to ban books, films, articles, journals, etc.
  • Banning is an easy solution for the short term to meet the immediate demand but it is very harmful for long term prospects of freedom in a society.
  • Because once one begins to ban, then one develops a habit of banning. Constraints of different kinds thus exist and we are subject to them in different situations.

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