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Class 11 Political Science Notes Chapter 3 Equality

  • Equality refers that all human beings are equal in all aspects because they are equal by birth as a human being. And everybody should be equally educated, wealthy, and equal status in the society.
  • But this is a negative aspect of equality because every person cannot be equal in all the spheres as human beings are created even equal by God.
  • The human beings differ from each other in intelligence, height and physique also.
  • Positive aspects of equality refers to give adequate opportunities to develop one’s own potentialities and to abolish special privileges to be given to some sections of society.
  • Equality can be classified as natural, social, civil, economic and political.
  • Article 14 of the constitution of India guarantees equality to all the citizens before law and equal protection within India.
  • Freedom and equality are closely interrelated with each other and work as a basis of democratic set up.
  • Equality refers to be eligible to enjoy various opportunities provided by the state.
  • Some inequalities existing in country are:
    • Disparity of income
    • Gender inequality is society
    • Existing slums
    • Inequality among educational institutions.

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