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Editing Exercises For Class 6 CBSE with Answers

The following passages have not been edited. There is one error in each line. Point out the errors and make corrections. Also underline the correct words. The first one has been done for you.
Editing Exercises For Class 6 CBSE pdf with Answers

  1. (a) from by 
    (b) collecting collected
    (c) is are
    (d) some the
    (e) made make
  2. (a) to of
    (b) a the
    (c) go goes
    (d) on at
    (e) a the
  3. (a) of to
    (b) in throughout 
    (c) from with
    (d) to of
    (e) to than
  4. (a) is was
    (b) painted paint
    (c) from of
    (d) have had
    (e) to in
  5. (a) of from
    (b) sets set
    (c) younger youngest
    (d) climbing climb
    (e) reaches reached
    (f) to of
    (g) an a
  6. (a) with in
    (b) took take
    (c) suffers suffer
    (d) a the
    (e) prevent prevents
  7. (a) had has
    (b) more many
    (c) a an
    (d) a the
    (e) from to
  8. (a) take took
    (b) late later
    (c) to in
    (d) arrange arranged
    (e) in on
    (f) a the
    (g) to at
  9. (a) with to
    (b) at in
    (c) rooting rooted
    (d) Most Many
    (e) of from
  10. (a) to of
    (b) belonged belongs
    (c) using used
    (d) In over
    (e) yield Yielded

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