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Rearrange the Jumbled Words for Class 6 CBSE With Answers

Re-arrange the following words/phrases to make meaningful sentences:

  1. (a) control/over/self-control/is/exercised/self/one’s
    (b) power/it/having/emotions/one’s/mind/and/control/under/is/the/of
    (c) clears/it/strengthens/mind/the/and/will-power
    (d) elevates/it/character/our
    (e) gives/freedom/it/us/peace/joy/and/bliss
  2. (a) bring/ festivals / life / colours / to / the / human / of/ a
    (b) many/festivals/celebrated/in/types/India/of/are
    (c) these/Holi/some/Diwali/of/are/Id/Christmas/and
    (d) festival/Holi/the/colours/is/of
    (e) celebrated/India/it/over/all/is
  3. (a) peacock/a/beautiful/is/a/bird
    (b) neck/feathers/covered/is/lovely/its/with
    (c) green/blue/its/and/body/is
    (d) glory/its/tail/long/is/its
    (e) it/national/our/is/bird.
  4. (a) called/rose/the/queen/the/is/flowers/of
    (b) widely/it/grown/is/the/all/world/over
    (c) 500/there/about/are/species/roses/of
    (d) the/rose/persian/best/is/the
    (e) brought/from / there / was /it/ India/ to
  5. (a) person/a/healthy/exercise/makes
    (b) important /in/ life / it/ one’s /is
    (c) exercises/physical/person/make/physically/a/fit
    (d) mental/makes/fresh/the/exercise/mind
    (e) mind/it/sharp/makes/the/too.
  6. (a) keep/yitamins/fit/body/our.
    (b) appetite/they/and/improve/body’s/increase/ability/fight/to/diseases
    (c) help/minerals/growth/the/body/of/in/the
    (d) vegetables/fresh fruits/sources/and/are/vitamins/of/minerals/and
    (e) roughage/body/helps/undigested/get rid of/to/the/food
  7. (a) useful/camel/is/animal/desert/the/most/the/in/the
    (b) heavy/it/ through/ carry/ can/loads/ sand /hot
    (c) feet/adapted/walk/are/its/to/sand/on
    (d) without/live/it/water/food/many days/can/an/for
    (e) the ship of the desert/camel/called/is/the
  8. (a) India’s/kabaddi/one/is /games/indigenous/of
    (b) popular/rural/it/in/is/areas
    (c) does not/playground/this/require/game/large/a
    (d) is/it/game/cheap/very/a
    (e) played/it/courtyard/can/in/be/even/the/of/house/a
  9. (a) nurse/symbol/is/a/of/humanity/service/a/and
    (b) frequently / she / seen/hospitals /is / in
    (c) attentive/she/her/very/remains/duties/to
    (d) noble/she/patients/all/is/to
    (e) she/popularly/is/as/known/sister
  10. (a) Vindhya hills/located/in/Madhya Pradesh/the Bandhavgarh National Park/ the/is/of
    (b) tigers / natural / it / home /is / for / a /protected
    (c) also/other/found/animals/here/are
    (d) rare birds/spotted/also/some/can/be
    (e) great/wildlife lovers/place/is/for/it/a


  1. (a) Self-control is control exercised over one’s self.
    (b) It is the power of having one’s emotions and mind under control.
    (c) It clears mind and strengthens will power.
    (d) It elevates our character.
    (e) It gives us freedom, peace, bliss and joy.
  2. (a) Festivals bring colours to the life of a human.
    (b) In India many types of festivals are celebrated.
    (c) Some of these are Holi, Diwali, Id and Christmas.
    (d) Holi is the festival of colours.
    (e) It is celebrated all over India.
  3. (a) A peacock is a beautiful bird.
    (b) Its neck is covered with lovely feathers.
    (c) Its body is green and blue.
    (d) Its glory is its tail.
    (e) It is our national bird.
  4. (a) The rose is called the queen of flowers.
    (b) It is widely grown all over the world.
    (c) There are about 500 species of roses.
    (d) The persian rose is the best.
    (e) From there it was brought to India.
  5. (a) Exercise makes a person healthy.
    (b) It is important in one’s life.
    (c) Physical exercises make a person physically fit.
    (d) Mental exercise makes the mind fresh.
    (e) It makes the mind sharp too.
  6. (a) Vitamins keep our body fit.
    (b) They improve appetite and increase body’s ability to fight diseases.
    (c) Minerals help in the growth of the body.
    (d) Fresh fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins and minerals.
    (e) Roughage helps the body to get rid of undigested food.
  7. (a) The camel is the most useful animal in the desert.
    (b) It can carry heavy loads through hot sand.
    (c) Its feet are adapted to walk on sand.
    (d) It can live without food and water for many days.
    (e) The camel is called the ship of the desert.
  8. (a) Kabaddi is one of India’s indigenous games.
    (b) It is popular in rural areas.
    (c) This game does not require a large playground.
    (d) It is a very cheap game.
    (e) It can be played even in the courtyard of a house.
  9. (a) A nurse is a symbol of service and humanity.
    (b) She is frequently seen in hospitals.
    (c) She remains very attentive to her duties.
    (d) She is noble to all patients.
    (e) She is popularly known as sister.
  10. (a) The Bandhavgarh National park is located in the Vindha hills of Madhya Pradesh.
    (b) It is a natural protected home for tigers.
    (c) Other animals are also found here.
    (d) Some rare birds can also be spotted.
    (e) It is a great place for wildlife lovers.

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